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    I have been using AnyDVDHD for years from Slyfox I have version registered and I know Slyfox went down the tubes which bummed me out of course.

    So I tried to buy a key here using a Visa and my bank declined the transaction and I got an email telling me to contact my bank. I decided not to do that so I was wondering if there is guide of how to pay with bitcoin. I have tried bitcoin in the past and I could not figure it out. I do not have a cell phone right now and I know I will need one to open an bitcoin account.

    I have also PayPal as well if that would be OK to use. Can I try using another credit card?
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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    paypal is not an option, it never was in the past and never will be. They dont like doing business with software developers for tools like AnyDVD. Nothing redfox can do about that unfortunately.

    First do try to contact your bank, there's a chance the transaction got blocked and they can unblock it. You can then indeed try a different card, but no guarantees.

    As to bitcoin it's not really that hard, nor do you need a phone to do it. There are other options. Try coinbase. Create an account > link paypal? and add funds, make the anydvd purchase > send the needed bitcoin amount from your coinbase wallet to the redfox wallet specified. wait for the bitcoin network to confirm the transaction and voila, your license gets e-mailed.

    No phone needed :)
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    Yeah I had an account with coinbase and I had to reset my password and now they want an SMS, so I will try some other bitcoin route if I can. I will also try to contact my bank. If I do get to clear the block for my credit card I will post here again if I cannot get my order to process.
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    perhaps one of these then

  5. FurryGuy

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    Do contact your financial institution. After all it is YOUR money, not theirs.

    Going the bitcoin route is probably better, though.
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    Is there another Bitcoin wallet that I could try? Coinbase is pretty much trying to get me to accept a text message from a phone I no longer have.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    If you have any other phone, you could use electrum (has a phone app) and setup a pc wallet. Then you can pretty much just go to any BTC vending machine in your country and buy some there. Or see if the other link i posted above is of any help
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    I am just going to have my credit card accept a payment. When a website wants my drivers license number, that's not something I will do.

    I thank you for all the suggestions.

    It really sucks when a reputable company like Slysoft gets taken down. They could argue that people that own copies of a Blue ray or whatever might want to make copies of it for archiving and backup. I never could understand why this happened and that other companies are still selling their DVD rippers.
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    OK I just contacted my bank and the hold was lifted so I will try re-ordering.

    The order went through and I have the license key. Thank you again for your help.
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  10. Ch3vr0n

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    Glad I could help. Welcome to the redfox den!

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  11. FurryGuy

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    So you convinced your bank your money is yours, not theirs.

    Congrats on getting your order processed and getting your license.

    Welcome aboard. :)

    I made two separate orders with RedFox shortly after they started up. Both times the card issuer (Visa) put a block on the transaction. Both times I called my financial institution, a credit union, both times they removed the block and let RedFox have my payment. So I know the hassle you went through. :)
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    Get a free Google Voice number. You can receive text messages there and when you get a new physical phone you can always port it to the GV number or just keep both, but in the meantime you can use the number as you would a real phone and even make voice calls if your PC has the hardware for it. (ie: speaker and microphone) There is even a smartphone app so if you do get another real phone you can make/receive actual calls through that app using that same GV number.

    Bizarre. I bought a lifetime AnyDVD-HD license shortly after the switch as well and don't recall having any issues. I was a SlySoft license holder and took advantage of the initial discount offer back in June of 2016 to convert to a RedFox license. I still have the email from RedFox stating I used my US bank credit card and warned me about the "foreign transaction fee".

    It was always my money. lol
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