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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by pak27, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. pak27

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    I use AnyDVD and Clone DVD to burn my movies, but when I try to convert the movie I just burnt to MP4 using Clone DVD Mobile for my IPod, I receive a read error at about 80% through the process. If I attempt to convert the original DVD to MP4 using Clone DVD Mobile, it works fine. So in summary, Clone DVD Mobile has problems converting burnt DVDs to MP4. Any ideas anyone?


  2. VBurner

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    A read error would indicate.. well just that, a read error! Problems reading the disc you have burnt.

    a) Are you able to copy the files from the burnt dvd over to your hard drive?

    b) If yes, are you able to convert the files you copied to your hard drive using CloneDVDMobile?

    c) If yes for both above, are you able to convert the DVD folder you have created with CloneDVD2 before burning the DVD?

    This will provide some help for locating the problem.
  3. Charlie

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    Just use the original if the burnt dvd's are giving you problems?
  4. dtsig

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    Have you tried this using another computer and the dvd in question?

    Does this happen on many DVDS?
  5. anirishman

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    I have been using CloneDVDmobile for a few days now and have easily copied my burnt DVD's with no problem. With the first burnt DVD I used I did not let it finish processing (or whatever the process is called) and it too stopped midway, but when I copied it again and let it finish completely it worked fine.