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    I am recently getting an error message that states that the "source data is too large" and tells me to use the "copy dvd" option which is what I'm doing. What do I need to do to back up the movie I'm trying to do.
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    Please check out this link:


    That might be the cause of your issue.

    If not, please check out this link:


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    The first step would be for you to say what brand and type of discs you're using and what the MID (Media IDentifier) is for them (There's multiple tools that are able to tell you that)

    The next step would be for you to to post a screenshot of the source folder properties (rightclick) so we can see the total size, and one for CloneDVD. More particulary the one after you click "Clone DVD" and you end up on the "Title Configuration" screen. Also verify you havent inserted a DVD-5 (Single Layer disc) and you set CloneDVD on the title configuration screen to "DVD+/-R DL". Because if you have, then you'd be telling CloneDVD ("hey, the target disc is double layer size", but you've really inserted a single layer disc. Naturally that won't work then and CloneDVD will complain