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Burning Problem


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Jan 28, 2007
Copying DVD using 1 Click DVD or Sony. It burns enough to make coasters, then get error message: Code 05 21 02 (Illegal request, Invalid address for write). I have to defrag after this, as it makes a mess. This has been happening 2-3 months. AnyDVD used to work 99.9% of time. Does anyone have any suggestions? I should add that I have uninstalled anyDVD and tried W43 which didn't work either.
Thank you for this forum. It is much needed and appreciated.
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scrap 1 click dvd

stop using 1 click dvd and start using clonedvd2 its from the same makers of anydvd and is designed to work in harmony with each other I have had no problems for the 5 months I been using both together.
What dvd were you tryin to burn?

I have not had issues that hasnt been resolved.

Sure from time to time you might run into one that gives issues, but report it and they will fix.
SaintsFan -

The AnyDVD-CloneDVD software program combination works flawlessly.

I believe you will find the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software program combination is faster and easer to use that the AnyDVD/1Click DVD Copy software combination.

Concerning Hard Disk Defragmentation – You should routinely (once a week), as computer preventative maintenance, perform Hard Disk Defragmention especially when you are routinely performing DVD Movie backups.

My combination (1clickDVD & anyDVD) worked flawlessly for months and I don't believe the problem is with anyDVD because the problem persisted with DVD43. I even tried my brother's Roxio program. I defrag before and after copying & burning and I use System Mechanic 6 regularly to keep my pc at top performance. It isn't with selective DVDs. It's with all DVDs. Some days I can copy 1-2 DVDs, other days I can't copy any. After I get the error message and check defrag, it's a mess and I can't do any further copying until the next day (and that's just a possibilty).
what media are you using, + or -what speed are you burning at, do you have cprx enabled reduce your burn speed to half the rated media speed disable cprx its not needed with anydvd click on default mode in anydvd to get your settings back were they need to be and let me know if that worked or not!