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Burning HD


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Jan 28, 2007
Can some one tell me now that I have anydvd hd will I need to get a hd dvd burner to burn onto my hard drive or will regular burner do this. I want to store Movies on a external harddrive for play on my HDTV. So If I want to play HD DVD's will the regular DVDdrive play/burn these HD DVD's on my computer? Thanks for any input you guys may have. Edstang45
Clonedvd HD ?? !! Program to split a HD DVD movie into 3 DVD discs ?

Is there a software program to split a 15GB HD DVD movie and fit it into three or four 4.7GB Standard DVD discs or even into two DL ? and be playable in Toshiba HD DVD players ?
Pinnacle Sudio plus 10.7 Version Titanium can do this with avi files.

I guess Slysoft has to come up with a Clonedvd HD !!

But do they sell dvd readers for PCs ??? I thought Toshiba is getting ready to launch the first HD DVD burner for PCs but at the moment there isnt anything on the market.

Someone on this forum mentioned he is using th x360 hd dvd to rip hd movies to hard disc

Any ideas please??