Burning from ISO to BD Errors

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Wingnutt, Dec 22, 2021.

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    Recently downloaded Clone BD.

    A friend recommended this product to me. Out of 20 or so disks maybe 4 of the projects worked?
    I have wasted a bunch of blank Ridata BD-R DL 50GB disks.

    Recently tried to make a disk for Marvel Studios' Shang-chi and the disk failed.
    My Blu Ray Burner is an ASUS BW-16D1HT, I will attach log file as well.
    Is anyone else having massive problems like this? Can you help?

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  2. ALPHA

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    there is no more support for clone bd
  3. kufo

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    I would recommend you max 2x speed for burning. or the slowest possible for these blanks. Normal BD as ISO on BD 50 shouldn't really be a problem.
    If you've been using these blanks for a long time, that should be fine. If not, you probably got a bad / faulty batch.
    You should test whether the ISO al such is divisible. I can tell you that a Pioneer burner (206/209/212) is much more suitable for BD 50.
    Also try to use IMGBURN for this.
    If you're going to switch to UHD soon, it's definitely worth it. Look here: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/bd-50gb.80418/

    Sure? o_O
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  5. kufo

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    I think we got each other wrong :)
    If that is what you meant, then of course it is correct. The sentence as such, however, is misleading.
    CloneBD isn´t the tool for ripping to ISO without protection, Therefore he has to use AnyDVD.
    Maybe he tried to burn a copy protected ISO. That wouldn´t work at all :(

    If @Wingnutt installs the trial version of AnyDVD it would work for him I bet :D
  6. coopervid

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    I checked the cbdlog. The disc has been decrypted. The burner fails at the layer break as described in the link kufo provided. These LG drives are lousy burners for 50GB discs and these Ritek discs might also no be the best. So a bad combination of two bad things.
    I only use CBD for compressing. I always burn with Imgburn. It's the best program for burning. Maybe if you burn with it at the slowest speed it might work but I would not trust these burns for storage etc. even if it works.
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