Burning dvd-R format on dvd+rw disc

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    Ok, I did search and I just wanted to ask you experts. I had a whole bunch of spare sony dvd+rw discs and I noticed that they didn't work on most of my dvd players, like in my Escalade they don't work in the head unit dvd player but do work in the rear audiovox branded 11.5 player...They don't work on 2/3 dvd players in the house... So....I was backing up conspiracy with val kilmer (for some reason...) and I decided to pop in a blank dvd+rw sony disc and try burning it with the dvd-r format.. Surprise! IT WORKED(S) GREAT! ON ALL PLAYERS! I thought for sure that it wouldn't burn it or something.....

    Anyway, Im asking for you thoughts as far as any "you can't do that because..", or "of course you can do that but those +RW discs wont store that movie any longer than 200 years", or "you lucked out" or "it shouldn't do that" or any educated thought from any of you all would be appriciated.

    Thanks again
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    You mean Book-Typing DVD+RWs ..... to DVD-ROM ?
    Right ?


    Increased compatibility: DVD bitsetting

    FAQ: What's all this about bitsetting/book type DVD-ROM

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    I don't know lol, really what Im looking for is someone to tell me if there's any negatives to doing it.

    What Im saying is, when I burned to the dvd+r discs (the right way) they didn't work in 60% of players, only the high-end players.. SOOO, I saw a stack of well over 100 of them staring me down, so I put one in while doing some verbatim -r disc burns,,, SURPRISE! They burn like butter and play back great...

    Ill check out the links you posted,
    Thank you for your thoughts.

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    No, not bitsetting, I changed nothing, simply burnt a +R disc as a -R. I thought surely the thing would kick it out, but it burnt... I have nero, but have only used it once, and never in the extras menu.... I downloaded a thing to do the bitsetting, but never opened it as I wanted to try it this way first.

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    Yup, those posts say these should be coasters, and they're playing.
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    It works .... Right ?

    Where did you get the idea - that this was 'The Wrong way" ?

    Many DVD Players bit-set to DVD-ROM - as Default

    ... Both of My DVD Players only support only -R / -RW / -ROM
    I use TY +Rs - , Book-typed to DVD-ROM
    Always have
    I find they actually play better than -Rs

    Read through the links I provided
    Book-Typing is nothing new
    Apparently ,
    It's just what you needed to do ....8)


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    I just thought that you were supposed to burn +r discs with +r....Figured it wouldn't let you do it, I don't know....

    Well, Im glad they work, now Im 100+ discs ahead again lol.


    BTW, so the only negative would be they don't store as long (+RW) as the -R's right?