burning blu ray video and lossless audio stream

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    I love the new lossless audio streams like DTSHDMA, Dolby TrueHD and uncompressed PCM. My goal is to burn a ripped blu ray movie with above audio formats to bitstream from a stand alone blu ray player to my HDMI 1.3 processor.
    I was able to shrink blu ray movie Xmen3 with TsRemux to fit into a 25gb disc with DTSHDMA as the only audio stream of my choice. But, when I created a image with nero vision and look into the properties, it shows only a DD 2.0 as the audio format despite having DTSHDMA in my original source. I did not complete burning process because I wanted to confirm it from other members.

    I would like to see if any one was ever able to copy them along with video onto cheaper DVDR or DL DVDR media (eventhough it takes more than few discs) or a blu ray disc.
    Also, any advanced users were ever able to copy part of the blu ray movie with preserved lossless audio (like we could do very easily with dvd shrink for regular dvd's) and burn onto dvdr disc? It will be perfect if I am able to burn the 30 min war scene from pearl harbor onto a dvdr with uncompressed PCM track so I can test my speakers/amp.

    Any help is appreciated!