Burning a Second Disk?

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by -Jim-, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Hi Gents,
    (And especially Ch3vron. He was helpful years ago. :thankyou:)

    I was an early adopter of CloneBD but wasn't very successful. My need then was to Rip my Concert Blu-rays down to a BD-25, and decode the soundtrack to AC3 so I could take it to our Family Cabin without worry someone would destroy the original. So I haven't really pursued it in the meantime much.

    Of course things have changed since 2012. I've now upgraded the system there, and want to go with the original soundtrack for my Rips. So I'm trying it again.

    I tired to make a copy and burn it to a BD-RE, which if I do it in one session (put the original in the drawer to decode and wait for CloneBD to ask for the blank to burn) it seems to work. But I can't find the option to "burn it again" to a BD-R this time, even though I enabled the keep the intermediate files box.

    I tired creating an ISO instead of burning it. Then used Alcohol 120% to burn that ISO but the disk wouldn't finalize. I put those failures down to some cheap BD-Rs I had since 2012. I made 5 coasters in a row, so I'm wary.

    When I by-passed the BD-RE stage and gambled with a couple Verbatim disks with CloneBD, both came out fine. (Hence the definition of questionable disks earlier.) But I'd like to be able to either burn a BD-RE and then a BD-R; or if I start to get comfortable and eliminate the BD-RE stage, make second copy for my brother.

    Can you advise where I can find this option?

    Thanks for the assist.

    (By the way, a detailed PDF Manual for CloneBD and AnyDVD would be welcomed!)
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    Hey Jim.

    That's a question I've had in the past as well!

    I don't have an answer for you but looking to see how you do that in CloneBD myself.

    I just wanted to add that if it turns out you can't make copies easily with CloneBD, you could use CloneBD to create a folder of the title, then ImgBurn to burn the folder to as many discs as you want.

    ImgBurn has a "Copy" setting (under the "Device" tab) that should facilitate that.

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  3. -Jim-

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    Thanks for the post. I think I found it. In the bottom left corner of the screen, there's a Drop Down Box to the right of "After finishing:" The bottom option is "Burn another disc"

    I wish there was a detailed PDF manual for all this instead hunting for it.

    Hopefully you find this helpful.
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  4. testiles

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    Wow, thanks a lot!

    Don't think I would've ever found that.

    Would be nice.

    Maybe a volunteer is needed to help make it happen.

    Definitely do!

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  5. -Jim-

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    I've had a Hard Drive failure and didn't get back to this until today. To start I'm going to Rip an ISO with AnyDVD to a Hard Drive. Then I'll try the latest CloneBD (in Demo Mode) to shrink it down to fit on a 25 GB Disk. Wish me Luck!
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