Burned UHD BD-XL RE has audio playback problem

Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by JohnM, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. JohnM

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    I burned the Pirates of The Carribean Deadmen Tell no tales ISO file into a BD-XL RE 100Gb after ripped to image from my original purchased copy and there was a problem with playback. The disc was jerky here and there and audo was dropped out here and there for 10 seconds or more and some segment has no audio at all. My Ultra HD player does list it can play BD-XL RE up to 100Gb. I burned 3 different times with 3 different Sony BD-XL RE disc and with 2 different LG burner and they all had the same audio problem at the same segment of the movie. My question is if this is some kind of hidden copy-protection scheme that AnyHDDVD missed?
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    More likely this sounds like an issue with the player not being able to read the discs very well. Not unexpected with writable discs. I'm more surprised that your player can read them at all, most do not. They'll probably work OK for data where a minimum transfer rate is not required. My guess is that you already spent several times more than it would cost to go buy another copy of the movie.
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    my Ultra 4k player not the computer drive can read the BD-XL RE. Did you mean most regular 4K player(not the computer drive) cannot read the 4K disc? so what about the 4K disc we purchase from the store? Aren't they BD-XL 3 layers?
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    Unfortunatelly it's quite true, most domestic 4k bluray players cannot read any BD-XL RE discs. My example is the Sony UBP-X800, it's fails to load any BD-XL RE disc with 4k content (ex. a correctly decrypted disc). And it's stated on the instructions book, to avoid any doubts.
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    oh..thanks for the info. My player can read but probably hiccup here and there. Well at least AnyHDDVD really helps to back up my original copy and stored in my harddrive until they are coming out with 4K media playable in any 4K player.
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    which standalone Player do you use ? The Panasonic dmp-ub900 is afaik the only standalone Player working with BD_XL 100g , if the movie has more than 66 gb, meaning the third layer is used.
    Some Players like the oppos play them as long as only two layers are used . My oppo plays everything smaller than 66 gb without Problems using BD_XL 100gb. I did not try rewritable Discs .
    Does your Problem appear in during the last part of the movie ?
  7. JohnM

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    I have the Panasonic ub900 and you are maybe right the 3 layers caused the player to hiccup.
  8. testiles

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    The UB900 really shouldn't have any problems reading any BD-R XL disc.

    BD-RE XL I'm not so sure about.

    But at $50 a disc, I wouldn't mess with them (lol).

  9. JohnM

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    BD XL RE means I can reburn and reburn. What do you mean I mess with it? :)
  10. worknstiff

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    Wow! I can only imagine how long it must take to "burn" a BD-RE XL. You could probably watch it faster than burning it, lol.
  11. testiles

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    Yeah, that's an -RE all right.

    No, not you mess with it (lol). I mean the price is too expensive for me to deal with those. (The $50 I see listed on Amazon as the price of one disc can buy 10 BD-R XL's).

    I know you're supposed to be able to rewrite on an -RE but when I started buying Blu Ray RE's years ago (25 and 50G), most would let me write once, and when I tried to re-write became unusable.

    Since they cost so much more than -R discs I gave up the idea of using them and just stick with BD-R now.

    (BTW, never had any problems with DVD-RW.)

    LMAO. Worknstiff, that's funny!

    My drive can burn a BD-R XL in under an hour. Usually around 40 minutes.

    BD-RE's are slower so yeah, probably takes a couple of hours to burn. Quicker to watch. He he.

  12. JohnM

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    Yeah RE took about 1.5 hours to burn. Patience is required lol.
  13. testiles

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    Oh ok.

    Well, at least we know your issue is not a copy-protection problem.

    Sounds more like a problem with the Pirates UHD disc.

    Just curious, what's the size of this disc?

    Also, have you had success burning other movies to BD-RE XL and playing them on the UB900?

  14. Ch3vr0n

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    Moving this to a more suitable section, as this isn't an anydvd issue. No hidden protection, and anydvd couldn't cause such audio issues anyway.

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