Burn copy but, movie looks broken up when played

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    It seems when I had the trial older version and with clonedvd 2.1 , I was able to back up any movie. Now that I paid for anydvd with the most recent clonedvd it seems I am having more problems backing up. I able to burn a copy, but when I play it in my dvd player it is all broken up. Any ideas..........:confused: :cool:
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    @ compuman,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    This problem is usually caused by the use of poor quality blank DVD Media, old outdate obsolete DVD Burner Firmware, and/or a combination of both.

    Suggest using known proven high quality blank DVD Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and ensuring that your DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date Firmware available.

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    No truer words have been spoken! :clap:

    I just thought that I would mention that if you are buying your discs at a local retailer and are buying the same brands each time that in reality you may not be getting the same discs. Many brands simply buy discs and relabel them as their own and due to price considerations, etc. they occasionally change manufacturers. There is software to read the media ids off of your discs (Nero CDSpeed will do it for ya) and there are forums devoted to bargain hunting that often tell you what brands are using what manufacturers discs and how to tell which package of brand x has which manufacturer, but by far the easiest way to get quality media is to simply order it from someone who gives the manufacturer name and media id. To further complicate things though there are fake discs out there -> so if the deal seems to good to be true it probably is.

    I've dealt with Rima.com the most and have had good luck. I've also dealt with Meritline.com and though I've heard of others having problems, I have not - my experiences have always been good.

    Taeo Yudens have worked the best for me. Verbatim do work and provide discs that play without flaws, but when error scanning them with Nero CDSpeed I see higher error rates with Verbatim. I mostly use a BenQ 1620 or 1640 or 1650 (same results on all three of them). Higher error rates could mean a disc that's less tolerant of scratches and damage so I opt for the discs that give me the lowest error rates, though if I saw a good bargain on Verbatims I probably wouldn't pass them up as their error rates are only slightly higher and are well within the recommended tolerances.

    Oh, one other thing . . . there's a myth out there that burning slower produces better burns and it simply refuses to die! There's been lots of testing and discussion about this on various forums, and even this one lately. The gist is that burning slower almost never helps the burn quality. Overspeeding the media (if your drive lets you do that) isn't always a good idea either. If your burner is slower than 8x then buy a new one, they are cheap these days. If it's 8x or faster then buy some TY 8x media and burn it at 8x and see if that fixes your problem - I'll bet it does!

    Post back your results if you don't mind, if you are still having problems we'll dig deeper and see if we can't get you back up and running.
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    You would all be surprised how many members are possibly out there using four year old (for example) Pioneer A04 burners and still buying 4x CompUSA media and burning them at 1x or 2x to get "playable" results. So the old addage of burning slower probably does apply to many.

    But if you have a more modern 16X or even an 8X burner, the reason why trying to burn at lower than one (1) notch below the rated speed of the media is not a good idea is that the drive's firmware probably has no real writing strategy for burning slower than that. When no matching strategy is included in the firmware, the drive will then default to a "generic" write strategy which is never as good as a specific write strategy designed especially for the media ID of the blank disk that is loaded into the drive.


    I have the BenQ 1655 and can't seem to find anymore for sale ... they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. Since they are so reliable, I wanted to buy a few before LiteOn totally ruins the product line. There are, however, many new 1650's for purchase. Isn't the 1650 just about the same as the 1655 (accepts the same FW?, works with QSuite? etc.) but just without the lightscibe stuff? Thanks.
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    Hi Whisperer,

    I hang around the forums a lot and I used to do computer service so I get a lot of calls from friends and friends of friends and I don't run into too many older burners. It seems that they've really taken off in the last couple years, heck even my 71 year old mother's new machine came with a burner! So I don't think there are many out there with those old burners any more - they were more of a "techie" item back then and techies tend to keep upgrading as things get better. I'm sure there are some older burners out there, but I'll venture to bet the vast majority of burners have been bought in the last couple years. Just shows the value of testing your burns! Do that you will know what your burner needs to get the best burns it can do in very short order.

    That was a very nice explanation of write strategies and how they affect the burns - thanks! I'm sure it's cleared a lot up for many!

    Yes, the 1655 is just a 1650 with light scribe and you can cross flash to 1650 firmware (but doing so will lose the light scribe features).

    Yes, they have all disappeared! I bought two 1650s from Tiger Direct a month or so ago when they had them on sale (they were relabled Sony 810a units (I think, I'm not at home right now to check for sure)) just for backups for my current burners. In my experience the 1640 seems to be the best burner, followed by my 1620 and then my 1650 as an almost tie with my 1620. I use the 1620 the most though as it's just in the machine I use the most. The differences are actually pretty minor - you really only notice them when you compare lots of scans. those BenQs were just the stuff when it came to burners! I certainly hope LiteOn doesn't screw things up, but I'll bet they will . . . it seems companies always buy their well peroforming competitors and then start mucking about with them! :(
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    Actually, I am gonna go the other way. Since I can't get the 1655 anymore, I'm going to buy the 1650 (which is available at meritline) and I wanted to know if the current firmware for the 1655 works on the 1650 also. In other words, BenQ still makes official firmware upgrades that work on the 1650 correct? I don't wan't to get involved with hacked firmwares.

    Also the 1650 makes full use of the QSuite program correct?

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    I do PC service and there are still a lot of older optical drives out there. The ones I come across are not really doing a lot of DVD burning, which is probably why the old units are still functioning.
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    Wow, I guess it's just where ya live. There were very few DVD burners around here four years ago, but in the last two they've became common place -> basically about every new system sold has one.

    And like you observed, most of them around here aren't really being utilized as burners either . . . that is until they find out about the SlySoft products anyway! :D
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    As of a month ago current firmware was available, I haven't checked since then but I will shortly.

    I dunno if the 1655 firmware would work on the 1650, I don't own a 1655 so I've not really paid much attention to the 1655 posts. I'll dig a little deeper over the weekend and let ya know what I find.

    Oh, yes, the 1650 works fine with QSuite.

    Don't ya just love them BenQs! They are GREAT burners! When I found out LiteOn bought them and all their good models had been discontinued I did some research to see if I could find a comparably good brand/model series and I didn't really find anything I felt compared well to the BenQs, so I switched my efforts to trying to find a couple BenQs to keep on hand for backups - hopefully by the time the current drives die and the backups die and I'm forced to go hunting for a new burner there will be another stellar manufacturer that emerges!

    Take Care, g'night!
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    Well I don't consider the Memorex blank media I purchased poor quality. If that was the case I would not be able to burn 23 three movies with this so called " poor quality blank DVD media". My PC is 3 years old. If the opitcal drive I have again is so called " old, outdated DVD firmware " then how do you explain how I recently was able to burn over 20 movies with the trial version of clonedvd & any dvd? How about maybe there could be problem with either the clonedvd 4 or the anydvd software instead assuming that I have old or outdated blank media and optical drive.:disagree: :disagree:
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    Of course they will burn. It's the quality.
  13. Webslinger

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    They are. Memorex does not make its own media. They take the lowest bidders from other manufacturers and resell their goods under Memorex's name. Memorex discs vary in quality from batch to batch and sometimes even from disc to disc. Not all Memorex media is bad, but quite often it's not easy to determine what you'll get. In particular, Memorex DL stuff is horrible (especially if Ritek makes it).



    (this in particular is a good explanation)



    Some may burn. Some may play (for how long is a good question). And some won't.

    And the burn quality scans generally won't be nearly as good as when using good quality media.

    If you wish to ignore good advice, that's your choice. If you don't wish to ignore good advice, then follow the good advice others have already given you, and read and follow http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=2516
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    Sidenote: Is the "4" a typo? Slysoft distributes CloneDVD2. Are you using the real CloneDVD program or the fake chinese ripoff program that also uses the product name CloneDVD?

    Webslinger is correct about the quality, batch to batch, of memorex. Shelf life is also compromised since you may find that when you pull out a memorex backup a year or more later, your player may error out with a "No Disk" message.

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    @ compuman,

    You might consider your Memorex Media “acceptable” Media but how do you know if in fact Memorex Media is acceptable Media?

    Have you ever conducted a Disk Quality Scan of your burned Memorex Media? That is a true indicator of the Quality your burned Memorex Media. If you are unaware of what a “Disk Quality Scan” is suggest reviewing the below Web Link ->


    There are numerous Web Forums that post the results of Disk Quality Scans of burned Memorex Media and these postings reveal the Quality of Memorex Media is less that desirable. Informed knowledgeable individuals avoid the use of Memorex Media.

    Concerning DVD Burner Firmware. You state that your PC is 3 years old but unfortunately fail to provide the Name/Model Number/Firmware Version of your DVD Burner. I can assure that if you have never updated the Firmware of your DVD Burner in the past 3 years that the Firmware Version installed in your DVD Burner is in fact old out dated and obsolete. Suggest that you review the below PC World Article concerning DVD Burner Firmware ->


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    Did no one hear what he said using the older versions everything was cool, when he updated the software this problem started, his drive didn't change his dvds(brand) did not change quality, his firmware didn't become redundant overnight. The only thing to change was the software, and its the same brush offs I hear for the same common problem with lots of people, this is why I addressed it on my thread.
  17. Webslinger

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    Yes, we all read it.

    And an appreciation of what firmware updates do and the quality of Memorex media in general would help your understanding greatly.

    Firmware becomes outdated the moment it is updated to improve writing issues with the burner. And the very nature of Memomex media means one batch and disc will vary from one to the next.
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    What is so difficult for some Forum Members to understand the importance of using known proven quality blank DVD Media and the importance of ensuring their DVD Burner has the most current up to date Firmware?

    Is this concept that difficult to understand?

    A vast majority of all the “Brand Name” blank DVD Media marketed in Retail Stores is not actually manufactured by the “Brand Name” stamped on the package. These “Brand Name” companies contract with various DVD Media manufactures to make blank DVD Media for them. Sometimes these “Brand Name” companies contract with DVD Media manufactures that produce reliable blank Media and sometimes they contract with DVD Media manufactures that produce unreliable blank DVD Media. These “Brand Name” companies are continually re-contracting with these DVD Media manufactures and the product is constantly changing. Each of these changes means the blank DVD Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) is also constantly changing. The pack of WXZY “Brand Name” blank DVD Media purchased today most likely is not going to be the same pack of WXZY “Brand Name” blank DVD Media purchased two weeks later. The DVD Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) is stamped into the blank DVD lead in during manufacturing and is used by the DVD Burner Firmware to identify the DVD Media. This DVD Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) is an important factor in truly identify who actually manufactured the DVD Media.

    Memorex, Imation, HP and vast majority of all the blank DVD Media marketed in Retail Stores falls into this broad category of “Brand Name” blank DVD Media. Some blank DVD Media such as Verbatim Media (Mitsubishi Chemicals) is marketed by the actual manufacture.

    All blank DVD Media has a MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code). This MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) is stamped into the blank DVD Media lead in during manufacture and is read by the DVD Burner. DVD Burner Firmware contains MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) write strategy-burning data information and controls the manner in which the Media is burned. This DVD Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) is how the DVD Burner knows what the blank DVD Media is. The DVD Burner looks at the blank DVD Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) and quarries the DVD Burner Firmware for write strategy burning data information on how to properly burn the blank DVD Media. If the DVD Burner Firmware is not up to date and doesn’t contains the MID data for the blank DVD Media the DVD Burner is forced to “guess” a write strategy for the blank DVD Media. Anytime that the DVD Burner is forced to “guess” a write strategy the burn quality suffers. Sometimes the DVD Burner can’t “guess” at all and triggers a “Bad Media Error”. If the DVD Burner Firmware is current and up to date it will correctly recognize the blank DVD Media MID and issue the correct write strategy-burning instructions.

    I hope that the above information explains the intimate relationship between blank DVD Media and DVD Burner Firmware and the importance of using known proven quality blank DVD Media why ensuring the DVD Burner has the most current up to date Firmware is important.

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    I'm not as sure abou tthe importance of burner firmware. I've been burning with Nero 6.x, the same DVD burner and the same XP install for over a year now. So long as I have good media, and the drive don't fail - then the burner should not be a factor in my burn process. In other words - by not updating anything - I remain totally immune induced problems, so long as the blank DVD's I buy follow some basic conventions.

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    Hey thanks jonhmc! Finally someone actually understanding what point I am stressing on my post. I agree that Memorex is not the greatest of blank dvd media but they worked every time when I burned a copy on the TRAIL VERSIONS OF CLONEDVD AND ANYDVD. It seems since the purchase of Anydvd I ahve been having all these issues. Could it be the Clonedvd 4? Don't know. I am not able to give the specs if my optical drive at this time because I am away. But as soon as I get back will post that info up. I'm pretty sure the drive is a 16x speed writer. As far as the Clonedvd 4, no its not a type o. The website is www.clonedvd.net. Unless this is not the same company who makes clonedvd 2. When I had the clonedvd 2 I had no issues. Again the clonedvd 2 & anydvd were both trial versions and work every time with the memorex blank media. When I get back I will try a different brand of media. If that doesn't work I will try ( Older Version ) the clonedvd 2 thru the slysoft website. This thing has got me puzzled. Hopefully I'll find the answer here on this forum. Thanks guys till next time..............:confused: :D
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