BUG: Total Freeze/NotRespond/Crash

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    Open 2 rip dialogs and select 2 different discs/drives.
    Insert a disc into drive 1, wait for it be scanned by anydvd hd and start ripping it to iso.
    Insert a disc into drive 2, dont wait, and just immediately once the rip window updates to new discs information click rip, the entire UI will freeze up and once windows recognizes the disc with the bubble notification, boom, it will start badly freezing. (Tested v8.3.4.0)

    An example where this happened:
    I have 2 drives, I was ripping a disc in my 2nd drive
    I put in a disc into drives 1 and 3
    Once the disc for drive 1 was recognized by windows (scanned by anydvd hd)
    I clicked copy disc on Drive 1 (drive 3 disc is still being scanned)
    seconds later its scanned (or failed idk) and recognized by windows, it then went full freeze mode, only result is to force it closed.
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