BUG: Ripping to Iso, wrong destination text

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    The destination is actually correct, but it doesnt show the correct one in the UI.

    For example you can see here I dumped a disc with the label "FAMILY_GUY_DISC1", I changed it to "FAMILY_GUY_S3_DISC1" in the destination filename by typing it into it.
    Once you click Copy Disc, once the copy finishes, it will immediately revert back to the "Auto" one in the label, but will actually go to the destination filename.

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    The filename AnyDVD uses by default is based on the disc volume name presented to AnyDVD/the OS. Pretty sure if you'll open windows explorer and check the volume name it'll be exactly the same as the one AnyDVD initially uses.

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    Yeah im aware, read the report, its default filename is fine, its the labels text itself is the issue
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    Which is by design. That's not a bug. Once the rip is completed with your chosen filename AnyDVD did its job like you asked it too.

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