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    So I've been experimenting with channels through Amazon Prime. You can access and download content from Britbox if you go through the Amazon portal. The only thing to watch for is to check the content that is offered. Just because there is a portal through Amazon doesn't mean that all content on the channel is available. CBS All Access has an Amazon portal but they do not offer ALL of their content through the portal. Series like "The Love Boat" only has partial seasons through Amazon but all episodes are available directly from CBS. If you work the 7 day free trials that's still a lot of content we don't have available right now. Use it for what its worth.
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    I used it to grab the entire classic doctor who collection where possible on better video+subs. Though my collection now for that show is more complete than it is in Amazon. They have for a number of seasons where it's like missing half or 3/4 of z season lol, where mine is complete! :p

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    Just an FYI...if you have an Canadian AP account you get britbox 30 day trial. I plan on signing up to get my favorite shows...

    Are You Being Served?
    Yes, Minister
    Keeping Up Appearances
    Sherlock Holmes (1984)
    New Tricks
    MI-5 aka Spooks

    I will need more than 7 days.:D
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    The channels thru Amazon prime is the biggest curse ever bestowed upon me. Imdb is incredible with so many shows from my prime TV watching years. If they institute some kind of season download feature into Anystream, I am going to need another 40 terabytes of hard drive space. But on the bright side I will stop gaining weight, because I am literally living my life one download ding at a time.
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    Curses to you!
    I did not realize that AS downloaded the vids from IMDB TV commercial free. And now my life revolves around grabbing shows from my youth and watching them. So many shows, so little time ...
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    Anyone got britbox australia yet? Do they stream in 1080p via there website it says hd just wondering if its full 1080p or 720p also hope they get amazon channel to

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    At least with Britbox through the Amazon USA portal, I’ve found a mix of resolutions, with the older titles almost always in lower res than newer titles. I think it all comes down to available source material and who they get it from. Restored titles like those through the Criterion Collection or the UCLA film archive are remastered usually in full HD, older TV series usually don’t get such good treatment.
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    allready know that