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    Trying to learn CloneDVD. Sticky's instructions say to change booktype to dvd. I dl'd Nero CD-DVDSpeed, but it locks up my computer. Dl'd Imgburn, tried to change booktype, and it just keeps failing. Have a Compaq Presario laptop, LG HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GCA 4040N burner. Any help much appreciated. I'm not very computer literate, so please keep it simple.
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    There is allot of different tools to use on this note post #2 on this link as it has a few. Give this a look over and let us know if it worked or failed. Read through as well as there may be other apps not in post #2.
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    What type of media are you trying to change? You can only change Booktype on +R media before the burn and +RW before or after you burn.
    All burners are NOT capable of Bitsetting.

    For Nero Express:
    Put in a Blank DVD+R or DVD+RW Disk into your DVD Burner
    Open up the Nero SmartStart, then Nero Express
    Click on "Copy Entire Disc"
    Then click on "Options", then on "Book Type Settings", set to "Automatic" and click "OK"
    Now whenever you use Nero to burn DVD+R Media, it will automatically change the BookType or BitSet it to DVD-ROM
    You can also try THIS link if Nero won't work.
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