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    So I know how to find out the correct playlist for making an MKV as AnyDVD will usually point out that one correct list, however, I am wanting the full disc. For example I have La La Land, Moonlight, Now You See Me 2 and yes, I know, Lionsgate discs, they have done Bluray Obfuscation since The Expendables Part 2, but my question is, what playlists do I remove to keep the entire disc? I want to actually have the disc with all of it's features and usefulness like any other, and I don't just want the movie, so can anyone please tell me what the procedure is to keep the whole disc and what things to delete and how to do it, thanks!
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    You provide an anydvd logfile so the developers can add the needed data to the OPD. that's all you need to to, after that data is added, anydvd will then do the rest and mention the playlist in its status window

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    So I see a ZIPLOG for many of the titles I named, I downloaded La La Lands. So I assume I simply copy/paste/overwrite the existing files/folders with these in the Ziplog? If so, that is cool and second, does this need to be done before or after compression from BD50 to BD25? Or does it matter?
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    You assume very wrong.

    Did i say DOWNLOAD one? No, i said you PROVIDE ONE. Meaning YOU CREATE one and post it here, so the developers can use it to add the data anydvd needs to the online database. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE download anyone elses ziplog file. Movies come in multiple versions per title and per region, and replacing your files with someone else's WILL corrupt the rip. On top of that the files won't fix anything, the log contains disc diagnostic data only, the actual FIX will be in the online protection database server, which you can't access / download from manually. Only anydvd itself can.

    You also don't manually remove any files at all, or you will break the disc structure that way too. The OPD data will tell anydvd how to properly decrypt the disc, and that's the only good way to do it.

    Read this:
    Troubleshooting item 3 and provide a logfile for your affected discs.
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    First of all, you don't need to GO ALL CAPS to be rude and condescending and talk to me like a child, Second of all, if what you say is how to do it, then it doesn't matter anyway because the rips still don't work! For example, I have the newest beta of AnyDVD and put in my master copy of The Disaster Artist and even though it displayed the correct playlist, after I ripped it, it still had the protection. The same goes for La La Land and Moonlight and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It is nice that we can see the proper playlist to extract the movie only if we want to use makeMKV or tsMuxer because we have the single correct mpls for the movie only, but I want the whole thing. You guys provide the right playlist, but I want the wrong playlists so I can delete them! I see you can download Ziplogs of many of the Lionsgate titles and I only tried to see if that was the way to fix the whole disc.
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    First is all. I'm not all capsing anything. Last time I checked the post wasn't in all caps. Just emphasizing certain things that's all

    Second the rips don't work because the OPD didn't have the proper decryption info. Thus when ripping, that incorrect info gets copied into the rip. The damage is done permanently to the rip. It's not a matter of simply replacing files, anydvd makes changes to the content of certain files while decrypting. No amount of files replacing can fix that because movies come in multiple versions per title. And the changes anydvd makes for one version aren't the same for another version.

    Third you can't just go around and delete playlist files. You'll be breaking disc structure drastically and playback will most likely don't work properly anymore. Not every playlist directly relates to the main movie, some are menu other are bonus features. And if you'd do it and things no longer right, you'll come back on these board and blame 'us' because we 'broke' the disc.

    No you did by replacing/deleting files.

    The logfiles are only used by staff to provide disc info needed for proper decryption, which then gets added to the OPD. Having the latest beta isn't even relevant unless it's specifically needed for full menu playback. (Sometimes full menu isn't immediately possible due to Protection complexity). Even old versions can access the OPD just fine and receive all the decryption info.

    So no, giving you all the playlist files isn't going to happen, for starters because you'd need to provide one yourself so the staff can identify which version of that movie /those movies you have. Then they'd have to dig through the OPD, all their logfiles and inform you of every playlist?

    They have better things to do, like adding support for new titles, or fixing bugs.

    Take it or leave it, what you want isn't going to happen.

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    Well thank you for your professional and mature reply. I guess I the only thing to do is extract the main movie and the special features all separately and just make a custom disc because I can get the proper playlist from just scanning the disc. I don't need to create a log just for the movie itself because I also want the special features because I don't want to half-ass the disc. If the concern is just about the movie itself, then just download an MKV of the movie, no need to care about the proper playlist for the movie only, I do blame AnyDVD, because if they already have these titles from the past and I have the present version with the proper playlist, then there should have been no problem ripping the disc. Of course it is the right version with the right region with the right playlist, but all those titles still are fragmented and broken when it comes to playback, compressed or not. Honestly, this whole thing was a waste of time. Thank you for your help anyway.
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    They don't have those titles either, the only playlist stored in the OPD are the ones that have been deemed 'correct'. All the others aren't stored in any way, they'd just take up space. Now, if you want to see which playlist is responsible to do what, check out CloneBD and it's title preview screen. You'll see slideshow's for each title and it's corresponding playlist on the left of it. Now, physically deleting any of those will be at your own risc.

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    There is apparently no other choice but to buy the movies because, this is too much work. Buying a Cinavia-free bluray player was easy enough because at least you got to keep the whole disc, features and all, but this thing is too far too much If I will not purchase the titles than I will just use the correct playlist as AnyDVD provides, mux that with tsmuxer with corresponding audio tracks and extract the few special features from information provided by CloneBD and make a custom disc. I guess Lionsgate and soon Fox, have won the war...................for now.
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    If you have CloneBD, you don't need tsmuxer really. It can make movie only discs or mkv's too :)

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    Crocluvr92, can I ask exactly what it is you want to create?

    Are you trying to create a full backup disc of your movie? Or an .iso with the entire movie and all extras?

    Because if either of those, you don't have to do anything but use the AnyDVD rip-to-folder or -image.

    It creates the full copy of the disc and automatically "picks the correct playlist" as it does so.

    If you're saying your discs don't play correctly with AnyDVD because the right playlist is not being selected then you can post the logfile for your particular disc on this forum. The developers will review the logfile and fix AnyDVD so that it handles your disc properly.

    Once that's done, all you have to do is mount the disc again and it should work properly. It's as simple as that.

    You really don't need to edit playlists or do anything like that...

    ... that is, if you are just creating backup discs or .iso's.

    AnyDVD will handle it.

    If you're not creating a backup disc or .iso, can you specify what you are trying to create?