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Bluray Playlist obfuscation finally revealed Step by step for ALL MOVIES!!!!!!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by gereral1, Feb 8, 2015.

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  1. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    1. Slysoft lists duplicate or wrong playlist in speed menu
    2. Player plays video in wrong order
    3. Pirate copy warning messages appear during playback
    4. Movie starts then goes black.

    Cause: screen pass protection or as some come to call it bluray playlist obfuscation

    The instant fix:

    This will help out 1000's of users until you can update the software as each movie comes out. This will allow users to find the correct mpls files to put the movie on hard drive or a disk with the correct playlist order with any disk that uses this protection.
    I show in this video how easy it is to find and isolate the file in 2 min. No trying 100's of combos until you get it right. This is file based
    and the software is free in the video. Enjoy guys heres the link.


    Sticky topic in third party forums. Please help others by posting screen pass playlists to new movies. Thank you!

    note. If you run powerdvd ultra14 shut off auto updates because I'm sure once they know about this they will close this loop hole quick ;)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2015
  2. az_raiden

    az_raiden Well-Known Member

    Great job on the video, gereral1, we certainly need more tutorial videos like that. Keep up the great work!

  3. CountryBumkin

    CountryBumkin Well-Known Member

    This feels like a link to a virus or malware. I'll wait a while for others to try it out and report back whether or not it is legit.
    But if it is legit, thanks! :bowdown:
  4. Jeff R 1

    Jeff R 1 Well-Known Member

    All that video shows is how to dig out a specific process shown by a process monitor.
    There is nothing illegal about using a process monitor and its tools _ even if it seems like you're trying to find out something you're not supposed to know.

    I've watched the video and I haven't gotten any viruses.

    Here is the link to the process monitor _ it's from Microsoft, so if you want to download it, you will have to create a Microsoft account.


    I haven't actually tested the instructions on the video because I don't have any discs in my collection with Playlist Obfuscation.
    There doesn't appear to be that many discs with this problem, at least not here in Canada anyway. So far I have come across 3, Expendables, Hungers Games and John Wick, all of which were rentals in my case so I don't have them anymore.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  5. az_raiden

    az_raiden Well-Known Member

    I've also watched the video. It shows the process that some of us use to discover the correct .mpls for a JAVA protected movie. Unfortunately, it only works if you can play the movie with PowerDVD running, and AnyDVD NOT running (if the JAVA protection hasn't been defeated by AnyDVD yet).

    I made a suggestion in another post that we needed video tutorials, and gereral1 made one for us. Cudos to him for taking the time to do this. :bowdown: The only thing I wish I could do was zoom in on the video to be able to make the picture bigger.

  6. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    I think you may be over complicating the use of Process Monitor.
    You shouldn't have to keep fast forwarding through the movie. The MPLS file should be revealed straight away (as soon as the movie itself starts)

    This has been my usage of Process Monitor/PowerDVD. It has worked everytime for me (though I don't have John Wick)

    Open Process Monitor. Go to Filter > Filter.
    Create a Filter - Path, contains, MPLS, include (see attachment) . Click 'Add' then 'Apply' then 'OK'
    Close Process Monitor.
    Open PowerDVD and load disc. Skip through any trailers etc until you get to the disc menu.
    Minimize PowerDVD and open Process Monitor. Process Monitor should have a box showing what filters were in effect last time > Click OK.
    Switch back to PowerDVD and select 'Play Movie'
    You may see some warnings or studio intros on some discs, wait until you see the movie start. After a few few seconds hit pause.
    Switch back to Process Monitor. The MPLS will be listed in the last events shown. That is the correct main movie playlist :)

    Same process with AnyDVD enabled or disabled. If AnyDVD doesn't yet handle the disc correctly then it must be disabled to get a correct playlist.

  7. ron spencer

    ron spencer Well-Known Member

    this work ONLY with powerdvd?
  8. goncal

    goncal Well-Known Member

    Also works with TMT6
  9. ron spencer

    ron spencer Well-Known Member

    is tmt6 free now that it is discontinued?
  10. Jeff R 1

    Jeff R 1 Well-Known Member

    No it's not free, even if you did find a download for it, it will ask for a product key that you can't get anymore after the 30 day trial.
    And if it already hasn't happened, it won't play the new encrypted Blu-rays and one will have to use AnyDVD HD to get it to work _ Speed Menu in extreme cases...
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2015
  11. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    Cool. Thanks for the tip just adding mpls as a filter. I stumbled on this by thinking if the program can call the correct mpls then it must reside in memory. Microsoft has a simple debug tool to do this. It worked and I did not even view the movie. I own John wick and own power dvd ultra14 and a lifetime membership of any dvd hd. I will be showing you next week a video how to get dolby atmos track true-hd separated from the ac3 track. I will show users how to demuX and split the 2 for compression if that's your bag. Then remuxer a dolby atmos movie to play in mpc or vlc player with both sound and video. I'm sure some users have run into this wall. My way allows you to not add any filters or existing codecs. Just plain old fdshow audio and video codecs if your using mpc.
  12. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    I had to take the video down... you tube threaten to cancel my channel. Im not messing with this......sorry guys
  13. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    If your new to home theater make sure to check out third party thread on here. Ill make videos teaching you everything about video compression and conversion and htpc. This post is for newbees. Advanced users can check them out too.
  14. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    Just read an article on screen pass protection and disabled my tv update feature and will never update my 70 inch sony again. They are talking about placing software on your tvs now so even if the computer and protections are removed the tv will still look for the screen pass protection. This is getting nasty.
  15. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Cinavia will not come to TV's itself unless they have an embedded bluray player. You've got nothing to worry about for now. You can update your TV just fine

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 7 met Tapatalk
  16. DJHallo

    DJHallo Well-Known Member

    Can you please send this YouTube video to a download website, so we can download this video.
    Please onto Mega.Co.Nz. ;)
  17. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    I might be able to rerecord it using a movieX title then youtube wont get all pissy about the video because its just files and no names... Ok finished the video and made in 1080P full frame and show you in more detail how to do this step by step. The first video was not easy to view. Ill have it up later today....... Please remember you must own the original movie have slysoft anydvdhd disabled while doing this and use a commercial store bought software player. If you have all these this will work on any movie regardless if the playlist screen pass detection is present or not. 100 percent accurate on all movies. This will not work on anydvdhd isos made and mounted to virtual rom. You must own the original movie.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2015
  18. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    Ok guys removed the name of the movie and anything to do with pictures so this is now legal to show you guys online. This will work with any movie and is presented in 1080P full frame so you guys can follow these steps. This takes less than 30 sec to find the correct playlist if this protection is present on all movies. Enjoy....


    Goto the video about screen pass detection.......

  19. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Nice video gereral1 8)
  20. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

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