Bluray la stratégie ender - black screen.

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (fr)' started by G2MARS, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. G2MARS

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    avec la dernière version d'any dvd hd je n'arrive pas à lancer le film via le menu.
    J'utilise une dune H1 à jour, elle lit tous les autres BD sauf celui-là.

    Est-ce qu'il existe une solution?

    Si j'utilise l'option de ma Dune H1 lire(lite) je peux visionner le BD.

    Dans le forum anglais les utilisateurs disent de créer un speed menu, mais c'était pour une version antérieure d'Any Dvd-Hd, pas testé je viens de visionner le BD et d'avoir le black screen.

    En attaché le fichier log.


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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That's a dune problem, not an anydvd one. The dune h1 afaik is NOT a licensed blu-ray player. As such it has little to no menu support (especially for java menu based titles). Black screen MIGHT be screenpass @Pete?
  3. G2MARS

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    One bluray within 370 (original) that won't play?
    Does it mean that Ender's game is the unique one using a particular Menu structure?
    interest in using Dune H1 is that it can play all bluray ripped with Any Dvd-Hd.
    First time a BD is not working, and I am using Any-Dvd-Hd since the almost first day, before it became RedFox.
    RedFox Speed Menu works & original menu can't be retreived.

    Others users had same pb playing it on their computer, somebody deleted one file to make work with TTM (not sure about the name, I've to check). Maybe I should try deleting this file.
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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Not at all, it could be your first screenpass protected disc. Stuck at a black screen is a classic sign but @Pete will have to take a look. See if speedmenu works. It could just be that the dune can't properly handle the disc menu. Not unusual for such players.

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  5. G2MARS

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    Speedmenu works yes. And, yeah, Dune H1 is old player and there's no more software update for it since Version "170519_1351_r11. I've got it...
  6. Pete

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    This disc has some very odd cheap version of Screen Pass on it.
    Please try it again now.
  7. G2MARS

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    Hi Pete,

    by "try it again" you mean ripp it again with any dvd-hd? Without option speed menu.

    I ripped it as : iso = black screen, as movie to folder = black screen, as to folder again with speedmenu = works but no oiginal menu access.
  8. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    If you already ripped it with protection removed then that's a useless rip and can safely be deleted. 'fixed' means it should now work. How you test this is up to you. (Eg: test in PowerDVD first with AnyDVD active: no need to rip).

    You MUST use the original disc for this, your previous rip is no good. 'the damage' is done.

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  9. Pete

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    Just play the original disc with AnyDVD active in the background.
    You don't have to "rip" for AnyDVD to do it's work, AnyDVD is an on-the-fly decrypter, that presents a virtually decrypted/deprotected disc to the system.

    If there's still a problem, please provide another log file.
  10. G2MARS

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    The point is I am using any dvd-hd not to play on cp but to rip my original BD onto my hard disk to play it on my TV using my Dune H1.
    All my BDs are in Switzerland in my brother's house, he's the one who is using a "classic" disk BD player, not me.
    He's my back-up man! (hard disk failure or custom ctrl)

    I'll keep the speed-menu rip for me and offer the original BD to my bro & nephew as I always do.

    Maybe I shall change my Dune H1 and buy a most recent multiplayer that can read ALL BD.
    For 1/370 failure, it's not a priority. No 4K/3D TV + I love my Dune H1!

    I thought all BD ripped with anydvd-hd were the same at the end, as my Dune never failed me before.
    Never say never, there's always a first.

    Tks for your clarification.
  11. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Done problems do pop up every now and then here in the forum. It's pretty good, but not so good when it comes to BD-J.
    AnyDVD should really take care of that when using Speedmenus.
  12. G2MARS

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    I just ripped my bluray with DvDFab 10, and it works with my Dune H1.
    The black screen after loading disk, maybe 3 sec and then previews and then Menu and then film! But movie < 20GB i/o 40+. I can't beleive it.

    I am ripping again with anydvd-hd wondering if I didn't wait engouh time after the ...Loading disk... and the famous black screen.

    Ah! Ok, I had to wait 26 secondes before the black screen ended.

    Anydvd-hd developpers, yu're the best, and I am a dump!

    Shame on me man! Pour les français, le bluray : La stratégie Ender fonctionne.

    I feel like, a little stupid, but, it worked and that the most important.

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