BlueRay Hunter Killer Problem

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  1. HELP

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    Wrong section, moved to uhd section

    With what?

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  3. No Read Hunter Killer
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  5. can`t read with my LG. PlS new Version with new UHD Title fixed.
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    Now read that link AGAIN please. "Can't read how exactly".

    From that link

    3. Next, tell us about your problem but explain it and avoid under-statements like: <=======
    • "won't work"
    • "can't copy anything"
    • "stopped working"
    • "Help!!"
    • "keeps stopping"
    • "I'm getting errors when I copy"
    • "All other Blu-ray's work, just this one will not"
    • "I am having problems copying my movies"
    • Any idea what I can do about a <insert title> that won't copy?
    Tell us:
    • the title of the disc and its country of origin
    • EAN / UPC number (barcode)
    • Webshop link if you have one (amazon, ebay,...)
    • what you are trying to do or setting you wanted to use when the error occurred
    • what is not working and what is happening?
    • IMPORTANT: what is the error message?