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BlueRay : Getting 5.1 out of rip


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May 6, 2007
I have a Mac Pro with Parallels running Windows XP. I installed AnyDVD HD onto XP, and on that Mac Pro installed a Sony blue-ray, I use the AnyDVD HD to rip the movies. In OSX I compress them with Visual Hub, Visual hub (1280*720), and Set them in iTunes. At this time only get stereo out of final product, But looks awesome, and with the raid and the xserver stream them to apple TV at TV location, streams well,
So any thoughts on were I might be loosing the 5.1 sound??
Visual Hub will accept the 5-1 just not from the ripped file???? I’m getting from AnyDVD???

Your losing it in Quicktime. Quicktime can't handle 5.1 at this time. Neither can iTunes for that matter.
After the conversion with V.H. it is onle stereo before I play in Qtime and Before i put it in iTunes,
Visual Hub recognizes the fact that Quicktime doesn't support 5.1 audio and is converting it into a format that it and iTunes will play back properly.


Any Ideas how to get 5.1 and into iTunes???
Not supported at the moment by Quicktime or iTunes. The fact that Apple just started selling the AppleTV that has an optical fiber output to your TV is a good indication that at some time in the not too distant future Apple will begin selling movies with 5.1 audio and an update should follow shortly after that.

I would hope that we hear something at Apple WWDC conference in a few weeks (Early June)