Blueray and HD DVD`s wont play in PowerDVD or Arcsoft from HDD

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  1. jamieuk147

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    Hi I have used the guide on here for cutting out all the Audio tracks and all the extras etc so I am left with a EVO file. I then open IMGburn and convert the EVO file to UDF which creates a ISO file.

    I mount the image created with daemon tools and then right click on the ISO and choose "open with" PowerDVD or Arcsoft. PowerDVD doesn't do anything At all and Arcsoft says " unsupported file type"

    Not one of my 30 movies play so no doubt something is wrong. :confused:

    Running latest version of PowerDVD after doing a update and Arcsoft is a trail version.

    Any help is appreciated guys !!

    Update can seem to play EVO files in Arcsoft which is good. but really want to play ISO`s with power DVD
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  2. hotdog453

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    You're not going to be able to simply turn the single .EVO file into an ISO and expect it to magically work. The .EVO file isn't a "disc" per say, so PowerDVD will blanch pretty hard core when it sees it.

    You're going to need to just play the .EVO file itself back; don't turn it into an ISO.
  3. rlung

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    We could demux it into streams, TSmuxer into a .ts, TSremux into BD file structure and either burn to bd or iso mount / play through PDVD / ARCsoft.

    Unless we're burning physical media, does seem like a lot of effort though.
  4. hotdog453

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    It is a lot of effort, but it's typically what I do. I've had a lot of issues getting .EVO files to playback in, well, ANYTHING, so converting them into .m2ts, then converting those into Blu Ray movies in .ISO format, work better.
  5. jamieuk147

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    But there will be some loss in picture Quality this way wont there as you are compressing it ?

    Is there a method to convert the EVO file in to some type of ISO that PowerDVD will read every time went mounted ?
  6. AJP

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    you arent compressing it you are just changing containers.

    A can of soda is a can of soda weather you drink it from the can or a cup
  7. sondeterra

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    Soda is Soda regardless of container.
  8. jamieuk147

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    Well guys I need to make my EVO file in to a bootable ISO that will work when mounted with PowerDVD. I wont bore you with reasons why but I must make a bootable ISO.

    So just to be clear how exactly do I go about converting my EVO file in to a bootable ISO ?? convert it to TS and then convert to ISO with IMGburn or convert to m2ts and then conert to ISO ??

    thanks for any help any one !! most appreciate !

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  9. AJP

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    Taken from this thread