Blue-Ray & HD to DVD?

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    Hello hello,

    I've got a question for you guys which I couldn't find somewhere else, yet. :doh:

    I'm planning on buying the Medion MD 8828 which has both a blue-ray and HD player and link the PC to my TV in the future, but what about backing-up these types of discs?

    If you use 'AnyDVD HD' to back-up your blue-ray and/or HD-movies, do you copy them to a regular DVD (either + or -)?
    Then what about quality loss? Is it still better then a regular DVD or is it the same?

    Thanks, :)

  2. Xtrap1979

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    It's not possible to copy them to a regular DVD (neither +, - nor DL).
    The only thing you can do: use winrar and split them so you can put them on 5-7 DVDs.
    Best thing is to back up them up on HDD and wait til we can affort writers and media for a reasonable price.
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    Is there a fairly easy way yet to talk an HD and or Blu-ray rip and convert/downscale/transcode (no idea which term would be correct) the movie to a version that would fit on a DVD and said DVD would then play in a regular DVD player?

    I've gone HD DVD around the house, but there are a few movies that are Blu-ray only that I'll have to have <G>. So, my PC is ready for me to watch Blu-ray now and make rips, but I'd love to be able to get those Blu-ray movies into a format that could play in my HD player (regular DVD format) or play from my XBMC setups (so DIVX would work also.)

    Any ideas or links?

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    You could try to re-author them with Nero 8 or ULead Movie Factory. Both with support AVC+AC3 from my camcorder. I haven't tried to load a BluRay movie in, but it *should* work. You will lose menu's etc. You have two big snags:

    1. Anything that's BD+ won't work. Until SlySoft completely breaks this, you are stuck.
    2. Audio formats. I'm pretty sure Nero/ULead only support AC3 and may support DTS core and 6 channel PCM. There are ways to down convert to DD+ to AC3 and strip the DTS core out of DTSHD. I don't know anything to convert PCM to AC3.
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    Yea, I know it doesn't transcode them, but, that's not going to happen right now. That is at least a useful backup method.
  8. dburckh

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    If you have an mpeg-2/AC3 video this or a variant of it should work. You may be able to do with AVC as well.

    ffmpeg -i F:\bdmv\stream\00000.m2ts -i F:\bdmv\stream\00001.m2ts -target ntsc-dvd -map 0.0 -map 0.1 "D:\Black Hawn Down.vob"
    You should be able to author a DVD with the .vob file (you may have to rename it to .mpg).

    You can get ffmpeg here:

    Black Hawk Down has 2 files, thus the two -i parameters. The -map tells which streams to grab. 0.0 is the video, 0.1 is the first audio. Target has shortcuts for the encoder settings. There is a pal-dvd as well. The last parameter is the output file.

    TsRemux and ffmpeg don't use the same numbering scheme. You can view the streams with ffmpeg by just not specifying an output file. ffmpeg does dump both m2ts streamId and the ffmpeg id. The ffmpeg id (0.x) is just sequential, but it does display the stream id that should line up with TsRemux.
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