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  1. BillSny

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    Apparently I missed the memo on this! Any BLU-RAY I rip now appears to be overexposed and/or washed out. I can view DVD's just fine with full rich color but any Blu-Ray recently backed up is grainy and washed out. I can stream and play 4k video but it is just Blu-Ray that seem to be wonky.

    I own CLONEBD and ANYDVDUHD but all Blu-Rays recently backed-up to hard drive play washed out. I am using POWERDVD15 to play them and it's all the same. Can someone direct me to the nearest place that can bring my sanity back?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. kufo

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    Did you try an other drive? Perhaps you can test this with an external one. I'm pretty sure that the problem is in your drive. For each kind of disc it uses a different laser. The red one for DVD seems to work fine. If there's a general problem with playback washed out caused by the blue laser it would be same effect from disc directly too. Reading a disc for a backup or direct playback from disc should be the same.
    Perhaps you can test this and post the results.
  3. Pete

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    Why would the laser reading digital video data (it's ones and zeros, not colors) cause a washed out image?
    The picture is either there or not, it can't be half there. It's not analog video.

    You'll have to say more about how you're backing up.
    Also you mentioned "stream and play back 4k video" - are you possibly not talking about blu-ray but rather UltraHD (UHD)?
    That would be the only scenario that would fit "washed out" in any sense (due to improper handling of color spaces).

    AnyDVD just decrypts, it doesn't touch the video.
    CloneBD only compresses - it doesn't change color values per se. But when converting UHD to Blu-ray, there are more complex things going on.
  4. kufo

    kufo Well-Known Member

    Right Pete, but the red laser works fine as he told. He also told that all backups were made with the same software. I couldn't imagine such a mistake either, so I told him to play directly from the drive and post the result.
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  5. BillSny

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    Thanks for the quick responses.
    "Also you mentioned "stream and play back 4k video" - this was to simply demonstrate that my TV was working correctly it displays colors properly from other HI-RES sources and also DVD.

    I mostly use to back things up so it should be a one to one copy with no compression in ISO format.

    So that leaves me to maybe kufo could be right? I am not sure how that would play out in the digital world. It reads the data and produces a picture but the picture is like someone turned the brightness and contrast all the way up. Just looking for suggestions. Could the laser just see the MSB and not lower bits? A decoder could put out data like that but then is the decoder used for both lasers the same? If not, maybe that could be it, Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. James

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    You didn't tell how you play back, but I suspect something is wrong with your playback chain. Like incorrect video levels. Forget about "lasers".
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  7. RONMAN101

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    Just a thought, but have you considered upgrading to the latest, PowerDVD19 (Latest version...And yes it sucks to keep dishing out $$$ to stay current)? There has been many changes and upgrades to the player, especially on the 4k side.
  8. testiles

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    That was my first thought - UHD playing on an SDR display and not mapped.

  9. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Yes, but now he wrote:
    So it's not the "washed out" effect I had in mind, but rather the exact opposite.
    Like a Blu-ray being played back by a player that "thinks" it's a UHD with BT.2020 colorspace.
  10. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Oh I see.

    Colors so "strong" that they 'bloom".

    That's not washed out, that's "amped up"! LOL

    Still, seems like probable cause is something with a Player setting, not AnyDVD or CloneBD.

    I notice @BillSny says he's using AnyDVDUHD. I wonder if UHD is involved here...

    .. Be interesting to have an example of titles he has the issue with and in what format and on what Player.

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