Blu-Ray Writer used with SATA2USB enclosure

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    [I bought that does not have a 5.25" internal drive bay. I bought a SATA2USB 3.0 external drive enclosure in order to use my existing internal Blu-Ray Writer]
    My first write to a BD50 generated an error. Windows 10 was up and running and I just pressed the power button on the drive. After this, I restarted the PC and was able to get a successful burn. One guess is that you need to power the drive up and then start the PC?
    In any case, I just wanted to get some feedback from using a USB optical drive in general. I attached the log file from ImgBurn with the file extension of .txt so that it could be uploaded here. This seemed easier than copying and pasting - taking up a lot of space here.
    EDIT: I forgot. I also reseated the cables, both power and USB connections.
    EDIT2: Even if I power the drive enclosure first before powering up the PC, I still get issues from the PC trying to find the drive? I have had to power down both, reseat the USB cable in the PC, reboot and try again. I would love some feedback about using USB optical drives.

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