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  1. cjkelly

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    Hello I'm New To This
    I Am Trying To Copy Bluray Disk To Hard Drive Using Lg Bluray Player So I Can Store Movies On External Hard Drive And Watch Them Later On My Computer But Canot Quite Get It Right
    Please Help With Simple Step By Steps

  2. Knuck

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    The simplest way to rip Blu-rays to HDD and play them back is as follows:

    1. purchase and install AnyDvd HD;
    2. purchase and install Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater;
    3. update LG firmware through the LG website;
    4. insert Bluray into LG drive and wait for AnyDvd to scan the disk;
    5. right click on the AnyDvd tray icon;
    6. select rip dvd to disk;
    7. select the location on the HDD you wish the dvd to be copied (ie
    8. Once the dvd is ripped, start TotalMedia Theater and select as the source
    movie on hard drive;
    9. Select the dvd's folder that you just ripped and click OK.

    If you have an early version of Cyberlink PowerDVD you use it instead of Arcsoft's player.

    That is the simplest way. There are cheaper and more complicated ways as well such as using PowerDVD (newer versions) but you have to learn how to convert the files AnyDvd ripped to ISOs to play from HDD.

    Unfortunately Windows Media Center will not recognize and play bluray players. There are ways to integrate TotalMedia Theater and PowerDvd to launch from Media Center or you can use programs like My Movies 2 to organize your collection.

    Good luck.
  3. mikegee

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    way #2
    1.insert disk
    2. use tsmuxer to select only audio and movie track (saves space)
    3.tsmuxer will rip what you want using any hd-dvd in background
    4. Play later with media center or stream to tv

  4. mikegee

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    windows media player will play a ripped *.ts blue ray track on the computer.
  5. TobyOne

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    I am new, having just downloaded the trial version for 21 day trial.

    I am trying to rip clips from a Blu-ray movie. How do I achieve that, and does the 21 day trial include AnyDVD HD?


  6. mdg

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    Did this but how do you get Vista Media Center (I'm using Vista Ultimate) to play ts files? I can't get VMC or WMP to play ts files...only VLS does.

    Also, when VLC plays it I get fairly frequent pixelation, jaggies, stutter, this a quality issue or am I doing something wrong? Would you mind posting how to properly rip the Blu Ray to a qualit ts file and then how you play it back in VMC?