Blu-Ray to DivX;-)

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  1. Lyrik

    Lyrik Member

    You can use this method that I foound out by experimenting:
    You must have:

    "Prism Video Converter"......(the unregistrered will convert to high def wmv
    which the PS3 also plays.)

    Blu-Ray in drive rightclick in systray on "Anydvd" and choose:"Rip Video DVD
    to harddisc"-and it will remove region codes!

    The result will be some folders nearly all empty except a folder called:
    BDMV/STREAM. In STREAM lies maybe 30 .m2ts videofiles. One of them is real
    big about 30 Gigabyte. That's it!
    You open that file in "Prism Video Converter" a real "Aussie piece of
    work"-to open you will have to let it choose from "all files"
    Then you choose from the Divx templates ore any other You prefer. DivX has
    an advantage though-running smothely, not overcompressed, -and most
    important-You can use the famous freeware program "VirtualDub" to cut it in
    two-should your resulting video file be over the 4 Gigabyte limit for FAT 32
    file system.

    It is so-Easy!
    When I get my LG Blu-Ray writer with HDVD player i can back-up all my
    HDDVD's to Blu-Ray or DivX;-)

    Subtitles can be gained from sites with subtitles for DVD and converted to the Blu-Ray framerate which is 23.976043 or 24 fps.
    With a subtitle tool.
    "Subtitle workshop4" and "Subajust"

    For subtitles to be shown in a PS3(Playstation 3) they may be hardmatted as ssa files in subtitle tool in "VirtualDub".

    I would like You to experiment with "AVIAddXSubs"
    this tool can mux subtitles in .avi which can be turned on and of in Playstation3 with the remote. But I have dificulty with placing the subs were I want them.
    Greets jens "Lyrik" Bech.
    And thank You SlySoft! Without Your AnyDVD this could not be done!
  2. DigiMagic

    DigiMagic Well-Known Member

    I thought I'd try this to see if I could convert some movies to watch on my PocketPC/phone. But this makes me suspicious: if I click on "Convert", it wants to download some exe file from 3 different sites. If I click on "Toolbox", again it wants to download different exe file from 3 sites... After I didn't allow this to happen, it tried again to download for the fourth time by sending a request to Internet Explorer :mad:

    It neither says what these files would do, nor from where it is downloading them. I wouldn't know if my firewall application didn't warn me.
    I'm not paranoid (I think :rolleyes:), but executing unknown executables from unknown sources is too much...
  3. Lyrik

    Lyrik Member


    "Prism" is so smart that it can install any codec neaded for Your conversions on the fly!
    It takes codec in on demand!;-) I have never seen that done before but it is very, very smart!
    Some people are just too nervous for that.. I did not think of it as an obstacle before You wrote it.
    You better forget it.

  4. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    But surely it should already have DivX built in and the codecs for your video should be already on your system otherwise you wouldn't be able to play the original, so what's it needing to download?
  5. Tyrod01

    Tyrod01 Well-Known Member

    Rots of ruck. Of the 3 I've tried, only one (Elizabeth) worked, to BD. The other two had issues. Transformers is just a shade too big to fit on a BD25 and at over $30 a pop for dual layer BDs, I'll wait for it to come out on BD. The other, Elizabeth 2 keeps giving me an error on Scenarist (some sort of GOP error) when remuxing in BD format.

    BTW, If you're used to writing DVDs at like 16+x. The you're in for a real treat burning BDs at 2x. Or rewritables at 1x. Pack a lunch.
  6. Lyrik

    Lyrik Member

    Prism trauma 2

    Well people too suspicious to use the program involved in Blu-DivX;-) conversion should just abstain from it.

    You can ask the firm and let them asure You about their intensions.
    It works for me and I trust them. I allways start with trusting people not with suspicions.
    It is a firm that sell a video encoder and they like contended customers I presume.
    That's all.
    It's for the bold, not for the faint hearted.:disagree:

  7. Lyrik

    Lyrik Member

    Well I am about to recieve an LG HD-DVD player with Blu-Ray burn. I hope for some nifty little programmes too.:)
    I have a bunch of HD-DVD's as I first bought a HD-DVD Tosh. I can save all my HD-DVD's as DivX;-) with the method I discribed, should it be too expensive to write Blu-ray. Futher more I have an extra Blu-Ray option for conversion.

    I have some other ideas, like testing an other Blu-conversion using the original file structure but making several films on one record.
    A Blu-Divx is made a little under 4 Gig, so I could save 8 Blu-DivX on one Blu-Ray recording. Not bad.
    Say I put the recorded blu-ray in My PS3.... then I can play any of the films.
    It can allso serve as a backup solution. And maybe the discs will become cheaper? Any other disc has.:rock:
  8. Lyrik

    Lyrik Member

    The original is .m2ts files on Blu-Ray discs which my new HP Pavillion could play.
    But I did not have DivX;-) installed at first the PC being only some days old. And me leaving my Mac machines and entering the cockpit of Windows Vista.
    When I used the "Prism video encoder" it downloaded an installed the freeware version of DivX;-) for me.
    But it would take other encoders in on the fly as well.
    It is the only encoder I have tried that could convert -m2ts-and at the same time find the exact audio file belonging to the main film-and offer conversion to wmv-DivX-mp4 or whatever.8)
  9. jdohn2002

    jdohn2002 Well-Known Member

    At under 4 Gigs the quality will comparable to a standard DVD. What's the point? I buy Blu-Rays to enjoy them in all of their glory (1080p and 7.1 DTS-HD MA surround sound).
  10. Lyrik

    Lyrik Member

    I'm not going to intrude on your "glory watching" I do "glory watching" too.:bowdown:
    But if You compare a 3.5 Gigabyte 1280 x 720 DivX;-) version of a high Def Blu-Ray to an ordinary DVD quality, You really get High Def quality that exceeds the quality of a DVD. You can have a "Jukebox" of high Definition Films on a PS3 for an instance.:D
    And if You are only using it on Your PC, then You can make 1920 x 1080 in any quality and bitrate You like.:bowdown:

    The conversion I talk about is for everyone else, that like some hobby and experimenting.
    People that use AnyDVD to circumvent corporate power.
  11. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Not sure what all this 'It's for the bold' is all about, it has nothing to do with being bold or not, but rather about whether it's downloading executables to your system that you don't want on there, and as for asking them about their intentions, what difference would that make? If they want to get information etc about you and your system they're hardly going to turn round and tell you that's what they are doing. That's like going up to a thief and asking him if he's going to steal something, he's hardly going to say yes.
    I've since downloaded this and run it on a small test piece and I have to say the encoding is awful (DivX is hardly the best HD encoder around these days) it ranges from soft-blurry to blocky on movement, and on a lot of stuff I tried to pull in from HD DVD and Blu-ray it just doesn't work.
    I'll stick to re-encoding using a decent encoding method rather than a very much inferior 'quick fix' method that gives lower results for the same file size
  12. Lyrik

    Lyrik Member

    Well I get supreme quality and it just takes everything in. I cannot recognize Your description.
    Hardware players are DivX;-) certified mostly. And some of them plays high Definition DivX;-)
    On DivX you can use subtitles in a variety of ways. Even mux them into the files so they can be turned on and of on harware divX players.
    You can use VirtualDub and do just about everything with the files.
    You can mux .ssa subtitles in the video. You can apply any effect you can think of.
    divX;-) provides ready to use templates for 720p and 1080p
    It could not be more user friendly.
    Encoding time is much better than say H.264 or x264 encoding and the files run smothely even on lower grade machines while AVCHD encoding pulls the teeth out on nearly any hardware.

    I have a great encoding experience through many years and it tells me that DivX;-) is the wisest of choices, the most versatile.

    The .mkv encodings You find on Pirate Bay is a very bad choice in my opinion. Most software players reject them and they are a pain in the arse converting. No hardware players play them.
    They have been chosen becourse "it will alow 5.1 Dolby sound" and thats the only reason.

    They should rather concentrate their efforts on H.264 AAC's new 5.1 Dolby possibilities, if 5.1 is a big issue.IMHO

    So we do not agree. It is as simple as that. I think the community will come to love Blu-DivX;-)8)

    Think of this:
    The artists on "Elephants Dream" chose mpg4 version 2 to present their biggest and finest version of the film. That is like a twin-brother to DivX;-)

    DivX,-) is the way to go.IMHO.
  13. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Not sure why you suddenly went off onto MKV's and piracy as I never mentioned any of that, but as you did if you'd ever used MKV you'd know it's just a wrapper and has nothing to do with the actual codec format that's inside them. A lot of mkv's that can be found on the net these days already use h264 and are now encode with level 4.1 which also makes them compliant with PS3's it's only the audio which needs to be converted in to stereo from 5.1. H264 is way better than DivX, yes you do need a slightly more powerful machine to play them back on, but the quality is miles better than DivX which is why many people have dropped using it. If DivX was such a great HD encoder then it would be used more, but most editing programs and Pro conversion programs don't support it anymore. I've also had many years of editing and encoding experience and have spent the last 9 years building editing systems for companies and home users and I know of no one that uses DivX for HD. Compared to H264 and X264 it's quality is very poor
  14. Lyrik

    Lyrik Member

    I think that the new version of DivX,-) is awesome. Apples H.264 will aim at 4000 kbts for a 960 x 540 lower end High Def were as the new divX;-) can manage a handsome quality of lower high Def 1280 x 720 at only 3000 kbts!
    And I think that someday it will dawn in the minds of H.264 encoders that hardware demands is very essential.
    Most hardware players are tiny computers with difficulty to play anything. DivX;-) is very hardware friendly. They are all DivX;-) compatible.
    AVCHD demands for encoding is a Dual Xeon processor machine. It is a real downer for consumers.
    When You say H.264 is better, have You then considered the jerks it makes in movement due to the hard compression/decompression? And what about the fading colors? They just come out too fading and whitish(look at the mac vs PC adds.) My High def home videos look best in DivX;-) that's for sure-better colors!:agree:
  15. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    I don't get jerks in playback or have colour problems, that's purely down to bad encoding by the encoder not the codec, And I do all my encoding in h264 on a core 2 duo, I can do a 2 pass encode 1280 x 720p 2-2.5 hour film and it takes around 7-8 hours. I'd never drop my bitrate down as low as 3mbps, I'd never normally take it below 4.5 and to say that a 3mbps DivX is going to be as good quality in my opinion is madness. I work with lots of other encoders and no one I know of would bother to use the DivX stuff and especially at such a low bitrate. Also the comment about jerkiness due to compression/decompression is more likely to occur on the DivX as you're dropping the bitrate down so low that it has to lose something somewhere
  16. DigiMagic

    DigiMagic Well-Known Member

    I don't really have a desire to watch entire movies on a 2" PocketPC 240x240 screen - I was more interested how it would look like, would I find it usable when travelling, is sound quality on small headphones acceptable, and similar... Nothing of too much importance. I'll restrict myself to "glorious watching" :)

    Also... the procedure of having to rip original, mux subtitles, possibly reencode again is too much work - I use Titledrome that draws subtitles in real time over PowerDVD. I can also easily fix any errors in text (and don't have to rip, mux, encode... again).
  17. yotafiend

    yotafiend New Member

    Does NOT work in 720P DIVX

    I have a problem.

    Did everything like Lyric said and Prism crashes.

    "The Prism has probably crashed because of 3rd party DirectShow filter. Switching the app to use the built-in decoder will probably resolve the problem. Do you want to switch now?"

    then click anything...

    "Prism Video COnverter has crashed because of an abnormal exception..."

    This was using .avi, and go into Divx settings for the profile "720p HD"

    Its sad cause I bought a BD-Rom and a blockbuster pass to have this blow up in my face. !@#$ !@$%!!!!!
  18. yotafiend

    yotafiend New Member

    k, sorry, total noob here to formats and stuff. Been reading for awhile and found that the first bluray I am trying to rip into a Divx 720p format was a VC-1 m2ts.

    Ive read a lot today and am more confused. So, this might be a dumb question, but am I able to do a VC-1 m2ts to Divx avi using Prism?