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    Hello All-

    Perhaps these questions are obvious to many, but I can't quite find conclusive answers myself.

    Now that AnyDVD HD is out & both AACS and BD+ can be stripped from Bluray disks, I'm wondering how this changes the HW & SW requirements for adding Bluray HD support to an existing media center pc / jukebox.

    Let's start on the hardware side: My understanding is that there exist in the world lower cost drives which can read Bluray data disks, but could not play Bluray movies (presumably because they did not conform somehow to AACS / BD+ hardware requirements). Does mean that anything that can read a Bluray disk (regardless of it's formal ability to play Bluray movies) can now be used to rip a Bluray movie? (Essentially, my question is can I buy any old Bluray DVD-ROM drive I find cheap at NewEgg, or must I make sure it has Bluray movie support?)

    Also on the hardware side, it has been stated in numerous threads that Bluray disks ripped by eliminates the need to have a compete HDCP chain on the video side. Does this require, though, that the entire Bluray movie must be first ripped to the HD before playback can begin, or can the disk be decrypted "on the fly" while watching? It's a very different thing to spend X hours ripping a movie to the watch it, vs putting it in the drive & clicking play.

    Next, on the software side: Historically, it is clear that most everyone is using PDVD for HD playback. As many have stated in other threads, I have no burning desire to hand over money to the PDVD folks, given their slavish adherance to whatever the Studios say -- regadless of impacts to their paying customers. Does mean I can use 'regular' playback software vs PDVD / WinDVD HD? I have a nice, stable media center PC right now & if I can avoid having to add new software (read: new bugs) that would be nice.

    Finally -- Way to go Peer & James -- Kudos on demonstrating once again that DRM is just a very effective way to antagonize paying customers & nothing else.

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    Most Blu-Ray movies can be played from optical disk with AACS and BD+ removed on the fly using PowerDVD v7.3104 to v7.3319a + AnyDVD HD.
    As far as I know only the Spiderman Trilogy need to be ripped to hard drive first.

    The only hardware restriction (as far as I know)
    You will need a video card that is "allowed" by Cyberlink though (ATi 1600, Nvidia 7300 or later)

    If you want to use other software ..... make sure you are using a 3GHz C2D or faster
    (and some audio tracks are very hard to play)
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    Even with the new version of anydvd hd? I thought it handled all discs but Hitman?
  4. James

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    No, you don't need to rip them, they play fine with 3319*a* (the *a* is important).