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Blu-Ray Questions and Suggestions


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1. What is the difference between DVD Region codes and Blu-Ray Region codes (please technical details, not just "Blu-Ray has only three Regions")?

2. Why is the option to remove Blu-Ray Regions disabled by the default?
Would it not be better if the default setting were "enabled"?

3. The "Media Info" and the "AnyDVDRipper" windows could offer the possibility to select the Region if a DVD or Blu-Ray is inserted. Like that you can play/copy discs from different Regions one after the other without having to "jump" between Main Window, AnyDVDRipper Window, and player software.

4. Is there a way to convert HD and Blu-Ray to formats all players can read (.AVI, .MPEG, etc. Yes, this means loss of quality, but I would like to know it).
Is there a software-based way to make captures/screenshots from HDs and Blu-Rays? WinDVD HD and PowerDVD Ultra do not allow that.

5. As already mentioned, to be complete, the AnyDVDRipper should also be able to rip Audio-CDs to harddisk. If you don't want to create a real "Rip Audio-CD to Harddisk" option (but why not if the ripper can already copy DVDs, HDs, and Blu-Rays? :confused: ), you could add at least an option that permits to save single tracks to harddisk. Media Player Classic can save .CDA as .WAV, so writing such an option should not be a great thing.

6. Another Forum member has already suggested AnyDVD should have an option that removes the DRM from downloaded files. I think that is a good idea :agree: .

I hope you will find the suggestions useful and add them soon.
Many greetings, :)

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