Blu ray + question with Any hd dvd

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  1. matrixdan1

    matrixdan1 Active Member

    Is there a list of movies that use the blu ray+ protection that any hd dvd doesnt work with? How do you know if is does or doesnt have it?
  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Explain "doesn't work with". AnyDVD works with BD+, you can play back BD+ movies without HDCP equipment with PowerDVD 3104, 3319 or 3319a, or play them from harddrive / .iso.
  3. eliw

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    Hi James,

    wehn you say play them from hard disk what do you mean ?

    Please refer to my post here:

    I have ripped the Die Hard 4 bluray to my hard disk but it is unplayable using any method ive thrown at it (apart from making an ISO of the rip).

    I can play most m2ts files apart from the main feature whcih suffers from serious frame dropping/artifacts/judder ect....

    Thanks in adv
  4. SuperGoof

    SuperGoof Well-Known Member

    I was only able to understand how this is possible when I read your another post.

    1) You have to use PowerDVD 3104, 3319 or 3319a to play Blu-ray movies with BD+ (whether from hard drive or from .iso, and even directly if AnyDVD is enabled)

    2) You still cannot play individual .m2ts files, because they are corrupted (this is what they created BD+ for). To play from hard drive, you have to use option "Open movie file on hard disk drive" in above mentioned versions of PowerDVD and select your ripped folder. This way it should work.
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  5. eliw

    eliw New Member

    Yes thanks it works now.

    I just wonder whether it is possible to remux the main movie file and remove stuff that is not needed like subs and audio... to make the whole thing smaller. 38gigs for a movie is a lot os space !!

    I will try it and see anyways.
  6. SuperGoof

    SuperGoof Well-Known Member

    You mean - remux, but place it instead of the original file, keep menus etc. and play with PowerDVD Ultra as a disc? Yes, it is interesting whether this will work or not. I do not really know technical details, but probably streams in .m2ts files are identified by some sort of IDs which you will have to keep in the remuxed file... Also, Fox usually uses DTS-HD MA for the main audio stream, which you will have to keep. And it means you will not save much space. I wouldn't worry about the space at all as hard drives are pretty cheap these days.
  7. matrixdan1

    matrixdan1 Active Member

    Sorry maybe i should go into a little more detail. I was reading another thread and they were talking about bd+ support coming later this year. I might have read it wrong. The blu ray titles ive used any hd dvd have worked. Can any hd dvd rip bd+ titles to the hard drive with no problems? Also wanted to know what films have the protection.
  8. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Let's try to clarify. Early versions of PowerDVD (3104 and 3319a) are able to play BD+ titles that do not have AACS encryption. We exploit that loophole by ripping the disc to the hard drive, thus removing the AACS encryption, and allowing PowerDVD to deal with the BD+ nonsense during playback. However, this will NOT allow you to do anything with the stream yourself as it's still protected by BD+. So, this is a workaround that works for us. I just rip them to ISO format, mount them with Daemon Tools, and use 3319a to play them back.

    All that being said, we're looking forward to a version of AnyDVD HD that will completely remove the BD+ protection. In that case you can then reencode the streams or do whatever, including burning to a backup disc that will play in a stand alone player. That's not currently possible but will be one day when the BD+ removal code is released. No, there's not an ETA as to when that'll be.