Blu-ray player from 2009: does firmware upgrade come with Cinavia protection?

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    My guess is that this post could could go either in "General Hardware Issues" or "CD/DVD/BD Drives", I leave it to the mods of this forum to move it if necessary.

    I keep a Sony BDP-S360 from 2009 in order to avoid Cinavia. But I found a problem, this particular blu-ray player is giving me a hard time for reading discs because its firmware is still the original that came with the player.

    Sony is offering an upgrade, only one (version 014), which was released on 6/21/2012:

    I am pretty sure that this new firmware will enable this blu-ray player to read recent blu-ray discs, but at the same time I am afraid, telling by the date when the firmware was released (6/21/2012), that it will infect my BDP-S360 (2009) with the Cinavia protection.

    So before attempting this upgrade, I need your advice. Am I right to suspect that this new firmware would also introduce Cinavia into my only Cinavia-free player?
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    Highly unlikely. Firmware isn't the only need part, it also requires a hardware capability. Cinavia wasn't even being invented back then. Only models licensed AFTER Feb 1st, 2012 are required to detect it. Your player, predates that by 3 years

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    Chevron, thanks a lot. I'll give it a try. I was not thinking of the "hardware capability".
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    Chevron, I tried to upgrade the firmware (directly, with Ethernet cable) and got a message saying that I did not need that upgrade. I checked the version I had and it ended in "014". The message also said that if the version I currently has ended in "014", I didn't need to upgrade it. I guess I upgraded it 4 or 5 years ago and forgot all about it.

    Sure enough, I tried several blu-ray copies of recent movies ("Snowden", "Darkest Hour" and others) for at least 30 minutes and did not get the Cinavia problem.

    So I guess I'm good and lucky to have a blu-ray player made before 2012.

    The only problem with this specific player is that sometimes it has trouble to read a disc. Maybe it has to do with the technology back then and the new blu-ray production. In those cases, I found out that by turning the player on and off, or by opening and closing the disc tray, the player finally reads the disc.
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