Blu Ray File Corruption?

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    Blu-ray file corruption!


    So I'm testing AnyDVD HD version, and I have confirmed that it generates corrupted files. Using TSReader, I've found that AnyDVD HD yields several continuity errors in the decrypted m2ts files. One movie had 32 continuity errors sprinkled throughout. Upon playback, severe picture breakup could be seen at the exact points where the discontinuities are reported (using mpeg2repair). The same movie, decrypted with BackupBluray, had 1 continuity error, appearing only at the break between two m2ts (expected behavior).

    I'm using a Sony BWU-100A in an ADS USB 2.0 enclosure. I've had this enclosure for a while and have had zero problems with it. I can play BD movies directly in PowerDVD without issue, as well as back up movies perfecly with BackupBluray.

    I really like the convenience of this program but I'm afraid to use it for backups, so I'm sticking with BackupBluray for now.


    I was having problems running in an external enclosure but nothing like what is described above. I did move the blu ray drive back to the ide channel and so far, things are working. Although "working" is a relaitve term, I haven't done any testing of streams created through anydvd-hd.

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    Thanks for the suggestion to move the drive onto an IDE channel. Unfortunately Blu-ray drives are still too expensive to dedicate to just one PC, so external enclosures are the only practical way to use them on multiple machines.

    I've used both methods you describe above to make backups, and BackupBluray does not corrupt files either way. Of course, it's much faster to copy the contents first to the hard drive, then decrypt.

    There is no problem with the external enclosure. Rather the evidence points to AnyDVDHD likely using USB2.0 isochronous transfer mode to speed up data transfers. This occurs at the expense of introducing errors during transfer. Asynchronous transfers (with retries when CRC checks fail) will guarantee error-free copying. Slysoft needs to look into this.
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    where to i get the backupbluray program thx
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    I did some testing myself now with a couple of ripped blu-ray files, couldn't find any of those errors (also checked it with TSReader).
    I also can't imagine how this would be possible, the data is being read from disc - CRC errors are handled for sure - and then it gets decrypted. Not really much of a chance for errors, the m2ts-files have a very simple format.