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    This is a pre sales question. I am hoping this can be done. Using this....
    LITE-ON 4X Blu-ray Disc Triple DVD Burner Model DH-4B1S-13-VAC

    Now looking at purchasing AnyDVD HD. Can AnyDVD HD remove the copy protection of the Blu Ray and then can it be burned to a dual layer (regular) DVD and have the same quality as Blu Ray? Or do I have to purchase Blu Ray DVDs?(which are still way to expensive for one movie).
    Or if there is another way to do this PLEASE explain to me what to purchase.

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    UM no! A BluRay Disc (BD not DVD) holds a tonne more data than and DVD. If the original BD (BD25) is a single layer disc then a single layer BD-R or BD-RE will work. If the original BD is a dual layer (BD50) then a dual layer BD-R or BD-RE will be required. In any event, AnyDVD is required.

    A BD can be burned to a DVD with some effort but there is a degredation in quality. Similar to an original DVD in the first place.

    What you need is CloneBD.
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    If it floats your boat, go ahead. But if you think you can fit 25Gb of data on a 5Gb disc without loss of something I got some swamp land I wanna sell ya.
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    In Florida, right? Maybe he would like a nice bridge to get to it (I think there is one for sale in Brooklyn). 8)
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    I read the guide at that link and it does say that you will use multiple DVDs and that it will not fit onto one. It does also say that it will remain HD. Of course 1/2 less dvds if using dual layer. Although the process seems quite time consuming.
    Thanks for the link.
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    not only is it time consuming its also a pain to have to change between 3 to 6 DL discs (more with single layer) you might as well just play the original
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    There's always a tradeoff somewhere. I've found that when down-converting a BD or HD (movie only) to DVD5 (1 DVD) that sometimes the video is slightly better than the commercial press of the same movie on DVD because the commercial press gives up space to menus, special features, subtitles & additional soundtracks. Whereas the homemade down-converted movie can devote the whole disc to the movie and 1 sound track. It ain't much but you do get a slighly higher bitrate and sometimes noticeably better picture.