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  1. Soapman72

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    I have been surfing this site for a while now, and I am beginning to feel dumb, because my head is spinning.

    Can someone outline for me the SIMPLEST way to create a back up security copy of my blu ray movies with ANY DVD HD? I realize that the info needs to fit on to a 25gb disc or more steps will be necessary.

    I was able to rip a blu-ray to my HDD using AnyDVD HD, but I have not figured out how to play it using Power DVD. I know I need to create an ISO, but not sure how. Anyway, being able to watch the movie on my Pc is less important to me than the back up security copy.

    I am sure this has been covered before, but as I said, I've been searching and I think I am running into information overload.

    I already have AnyDVD HD, but need to know what other program will create and burn the ISO. Will Nero do it? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.:bowdown:

  2. SamuriHL

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    This has been covered several times already.

    With AnyDVD HD enabled:

    -Load ImgBurn later) or CloneCD
    -Select read image function (if using CloneCD, change the filename to have a .ISO extension)
    -Read to ISO file
    -Use write image function to write it out to a new disc.

    If it's over 25 gigs, you'll be going to the Frequenty Ask Questions post and looking for "How do I shrink my Blu-ray".
  3. Soapman72

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    Thank you! If I leave AnyDVD HD Running while the ISO is made, does that mean that the copy-protection feature will not be present on the new copy, and will that cause my Blu-ray player to not play the back up in my home theater? Thanks!
  4. SamuriHL

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    Exactly the opposite! By removing the copy protection while creating the image, when you burn it and play it back it'll actually work assuming your stand alone player supports BD-R/BD-RE playback.
  5. Soapman72

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    COOL! Thank you. I appreciate you answering my question so quickly. I do have a pretty large Dh Just for movies. If I leave a copy of the ISO on the drive, will Power DVD be able to play it? I keep reading that you have to "mount" the ISO, but I don't really know what that means. I am assuming that will have to be done foe every blu ray movie on my HDD.
  6. SamuriHL

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    An ISO by itself is useless in reality. The process of mounting it, however, makes it useful. When you have a program such as Virtual CloneDrive (the latest beta ONLY...see the virtual clonedrive forum) or Daemon Tools installed, they allow you to "mount" the ISO into a virtual drive. PowerDVD sees a new drive letter that it can play from. The act of mounting is the same basic concept of loading a disc into the physical drive. In this case you're loading the ISO image into the virtual drive. When you want to play a different movie, you just mount the new ISO image. That's all there is to it.