Blu Ray and MythTV and even Windows playback recommendations

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    Hello all,

    I have been reading a bunch of posts here and they cleared up a bunch of things, but also confuses some others!

    I use a NAS+MythTV box to store my movies (and TV, pics, etc...) for playback on 3 different front-ends in the house. For DVDs, I use AnyDVD, rip an exact copy. MythTV loves them. Never an issue.

    Blu Rays are a different beast.

    Some of you guys mention making a "protected .iso" to keep an exact copy, just in case.
    I can then make an unprotected backup from it. I have no issue with that.

    But, can I make a protected .iso with a "normal" Blu Ray reader? Not one of the special ones that can have the firmware modified? (I use an ASUS external drive)

    Second, what is the preferred way to simply "copy the movie" portion of the disk?
    Use AnyDVD and CloneBD to make a MKV Container?
    Sometimes, I see tons of titles or strange scenes that look like part of the movie.
    (I had some issues in the recent past where a movie was playing scenes out of order on MythTV's built-in player.)

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    Hey Brian!

    If you're talking about regular Blu-Ray, no worries about firmware.

    That only comes into play if you're working with UHD discs, which I'm assuming you're not.

    In general, as long as your drive can read a Blu-Ray disc, AnyDVD can make a protected .iso from it.

    That's the only requirement!

    I don't believe there's any preferred way.

    Depends on what you like and what you plan to do with the copy.

    Yes, a lot of people like to create an .mkv of the Main Movie of a disc. AnyDVD and CloneBD are well suited for that.

    Others like .mp4 and CloneBD creates those too.

    If you only want the Main Movie but want to keep the Menu, CloneBD can create a Blu-Ray folder or .iso that will accommodate that.

    In some instances you can create a movie-only .iso or folder with just AnyDVD and its Rip-to-Image or Rip-Videodisc-to-Harddisk option (if none of the extras are longer than 20 minutes).

    The preference is really yours. :)

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