Blu-Ray 50GB Split with Menu?

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  1. DJHallo

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    Hello: RedFox Team.
    What I love to see into the Future and as soon if Possible if you can a Split option.
    I really want to split a 50GB Movie into 25GB Movies Discs, without losing any Quality.
    Also when I split the Blu-Ray into two, I still want to have onto both Discs the (Main & Pop-Up) Menu to work.
    The Reason why I ask this is Because 25GB Blu-Ray is much cheaper to Burn then a 50GB Blu-Ray Disc, and also I don't mind to switch to a Second disc.
    What I do mind is if the Quality goes down, so if possible I want 100% Quality Rip onto both Discs.

    Greetings: DJHallo.
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Not going to happen with anydvd, that constitutes as reauthoring and is beyond the scope of what anydvd is designed to do. That function could perhaps be added to CloneBD but I doubt it. CloneBD is really effective at shrinking full disc down to single layer size while keeping quality high.

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  3. Recycle

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    BD media doesn't cost that much right now I done 1:1 BD with CloneBD and they worked fine. What your trying to do is as Ch3ron said is Re-Authoring the media something only a studio can really do and keep the menu functions intact. I spent a little more money on blank BD and save alot of headache trying to do what your doing when your just trying to backup a movie to watch to save the original.
  4. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Definitely not a job for AnyDVD. CloneBD? Maybe.

    The idea is an interesting one although I'm not sure of the complexities involved. In theory I would think it would be possible although original menus may not be able to be kept intact (?) Maybe Speed Menus would be necessary if one wished to have a menu? Regardless, if this were to ever be added I would expect it to be further down the list of CloneBD features.

    The opinion on media cost really is subjective. For some people acceptable prices aren't always acceptable to others. :) Splitting across two BD-25s could be done similarly to using two DVD-5s back in the day.

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