BLU over HD DVD, Simple

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    In an interview from CES with Don Reisinger, the CEO of LionsGate said his company's decision to back Blu-ray over HD DVD was a simple matter of its improved anti-piracy measures. But when pressed later he admitted that the best anti-piracy measure is selling a product people want to buy.
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    Yea, how's that working out for him? :D Lionsgate doesn't use BD+ as far as I know which means he gets no better anti-piracy measures than HD DVD (they both use AACS). So, that statement is complete BS unless they plan on incorporating BD+ in their new releases. And even then, Slysoft is hopefully going to obliterate that obnoxious nonsense soon anyway. I'll agree with the last statement...sell us a product we want to buy at a reasonable price and people will buy it. Imagine that. :)