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    Is there a brand of recordable DVD that anyone recomends? I have had trouble with Imation, Memorex, and Sony.
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    blank dvds

    I've had reliable recording with Taiyo Yuden blanks.
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    I have had alot of luck with Verbatim dvd-r's
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    Me too.:agree: :agree:
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    I use nothing but fuji blanks,but your problem could be your burner,Iwas haveing problems till i bought a plextor burner.
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    There's a lot that you haven't said. That is what is the writer being used, what are you expectations regarding the time it takes to record, etc.

    I have found, after tons of expermenting and being burned, that the Taiyo Yuden product line provides excellant performance and reliability over time. I'd suggest buying the 100 at a time from on-line stores such as SupermediaStore or Meritline - I tend to gravitate towards SupermediaStore as they have always delivered a good product at an excellant price. I get the Printable ones and for the 8X media the cost is about $35 per hundred (shipping included). The "sliver/shiny" media tends to cost a few dollars less. In any event after thousands of burns, they have proven to be the ones with the least errors and maximum compatability. The 16x are about $50 per hundred. I buy in lots of 600 (one Case) and tend to recommend and use the 8X ValueLine products.

    But.... Beware of imitations. Just because a DVD has an internal Taiyo Yuden Media Code doesn't make them true Ty's.
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    Thats the opposite of me. I wasnt having any burn problems untill I got a Plextor 760A burner, the first Plextor 760A I bought worked fine for about two months with no problems then just decided to quit recognising any type of disc put in it, then after going through three replcement 760A drives all with the same problem, they were simply unreliable drives with DVD+RW media, if the DVD+RW disc had some light scratches on it it either wouldnt burn to it or if it did burn to it it made the DVD+RW disc unreadable, I could take the same DVD+RW disc that the 760A wouldnt burn to and burn it on any of my other 10 dvd burners with no problems. Finaly after getting fed up with Plextor tech support trying to find out why it sucked so bad with DVD+RW media they finaly said, well our drives are just more sensitive to lightly scratched DVD+RW media and there was nothing they else could do, my reply was if thats the case then why do they still charge about three times the price for their burners when a $30.00 burner is more reliable with +RW media. After this experince I will never buy or reccomend Plextor.
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    Hey TPLAT, know you from another board, my name was blugrssdude there. Anyway, In my experience, the brand name on the disk means little, except in Verbatim;s case. Verbatim is the exception to the rule as far as made in taiwan media, although other's have had different experiences(and as mentioned, the burner can play into it and change the rules). The only media I trust is Taiyo Yuden, or anything made in japan, most can only be found from online sources these days, although the white printable maxells in the stores are made in Japan from what i have seen. As far as online stores that I trust, I go with and and always buy Taiyo Yuden plus R's 8 X and usually hope to spend about 40 cents a disk
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    I agree 100 percent, as my previous post indicated. But what i didnt know was that the media I.D could lie, Although I have never bought Taiyo's from anywhere but in store Sony or fujifilms(made in Japan) or from the online stores we have indicated.
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    Only for few does the name make a difference or mean anything and those two would be Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden, as for TY`s those you mentioned are the only online websites I will order TY`s from.
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    I've been using Philips DVD+/-R and am very satisfied. Is there anything that I should know about Philips before I make another big purchase of blanks? Has anyone ever heard of "laser rot"? I heard a guy at Circuit City talking about it once - how blank media degrades over time. I hope not - I have a whole bunch of DVDs that I'd like to keep forever!!
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    This is only my opinion, and why I only use made in Japan media, but from what I have read, Taiyo Yuden has a 100 year shelf life and most Made in Taiwan media can become un-readable in 1-3 years. I suspect the quality of the dye plays a big part, and if that's the case I would suspect that Verbatim should carry a longer shelflife as well. From personal experience, when I first started burning, I was using Taiwan media, Memorex and HP(wasn't checking media I.D's then) I think it was, and a year later a couple of my disks would no longer play even though they worked after I first made them, I expect my other earlier Taiwan disks to do the same thing and only put my trust in Japan. If I do get any Taiwan media, I strictly use it for data transfer
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    I use Ridata discs, and have no problems at all.
  15. G-Omaha

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    I use Phillips from time to time and find that they are excellent - or - really poor. The PI's etc.. for this media can be very close to Ty's or be over that of Riteks. I only use this for creating media that I know have a very low life - Ritek is also fits in this category. It's really too bad because Ritek media (years ago wiith the 1x/2x/4x media) was quit the value - no more.

    I'd say - spend the extra nickel per Disc and by TY's.... That's about all the difference is when you by them in 100 Packs (I'm comparing 8x Ty's to 16x Phillips - but then getting a reliable burn at 16x on the Phillips may be problematic - they burn ------ but...... not with any degree of quality).

    Laser Rot essentially (very much over simplified) is that the "ink" (recordable surface - even though it is sandwiched between the "glass platters") tends to melt in sunlight, household light or even variences in temperature (cheaper melts faster - so to speak) - IMHO..

    Spend the extra copule of cents - Get Ty's or MCC and you won't be disappointed in a year or so. Buy Riteks, Phillips, or other brands and then you can "Play Hell" trying to get them to play or copy after a couple of years - "Been There and Done That"...
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    In regards to Blank DVDs

    I have not had problems with any Blanks that I've boughten.I've used Sony,Memorex, Verbatim, Philips and even No-name brands, all with good success...I usually buy spindles of 100 @ $19.95 per.
    I haven't seen anywhere where you've specified the problem you're having...maybe it's that you need 1 or the other (plus-r or minus-r).
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    After multiple failures I have the best luck with Verbatim DVD+R 8x or 16x. I buy the cakes at Amazon with free shipping and I'm getting about 99% burn rate now with my Sony burner and backed off speeds. I'll continue to use with combo until someone can prove I need to switch.
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    I've been using Fujifilm DVD-R's exclusively from the beginning. ANY coasters I've gotten were traced to a failed drive or operator error. Best Buy has them on sale regularly at $25 for 100 and/or $12.99 for 50. They are rated for 16x and I burn them at 8x - NEVER a problem.

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    Taiyo Yuden seems to be the most widely praised. If you need some asap from a store and dont mind paying extra go with verbatim dvd plus, or Fuji 8x.Dont buy the Fuji 16x. Most stores dont carry Taiyo Yuden. Meritline and some of the other online sources is the place to go for sure. I find that you can get great deals on 8x verbatims, taiyo yuden, and verb DL's as well. IF your in the market for Double layered dvds try to only stick with verbatim. Ive heard Ritek are decent DL's, but i cant attest to that personally. Apparently Taiyo Yuden and Verbatims are the rolls royces of blank dvds. Dont be turned off by 8x. It seems that many people have more issues with 16x than 8x. Always check for Free Shipping Offers on the online sites.All the other replys were right on. However most of the replys to what media ppl like will have direct correlation to thier success rate with their burners, software etc. I personally have never had an error but since the online price of the most worshipped media is better than any in-store options go with the online route. Always check for FREE SHIPPIng Deals. For me personally i use Ritek. Ridata is also Ritek. Ive never had any problems ever. Ive used verbs, fujis, but have been getting the best deals on Ritek and have no complaints whatsoever.
    Dowload this tool after reading a bit more if so inclined.

    Good reading-- and home page will help you sort out whats up if you REALLY are concerned but in the end its personal preference. The science behind your question is here. It makes sense and in the end you may end up giving your burner's laser a few more work hours by using some bling bling media, but overall just do what works for you. Your gonna hear all kinds of opinions and experiences. Wow i wrote alot. Good luck
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    TY's and Verbatims Only.

    I wouldnt touch any other media besides ty's and verbatims, anybody that knows something about this subject will tell you the same.