Blank DVD+DL Brands--which ones cause problems?

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    Hi everyone!
    I'm running low on my blank dual layer DVDs and need to buy more. Are there any brands that we KNOW work well? Are there any brands to avoid?

    Newegg currently has spindles of Memorex, Kodak, TDK, Optical Quantum, Verbatim, and Philips.
    I've heard something questionable about TDK and Memorex, but I'm not sure--is there any truth to that?
    Optical Quantum seems to have good reviews (and they're super cheap). Anyone use those?

    I'm using ImgBurn in case that matters.

    Thanks for the help!!!
  2. mmdavis

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    For DVD+R DL, there is really only one brand: Verbatim
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    As the others said: Verbatim, no others.

    If you want the best of the best then consider Verbatim DatalifePlus,
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    Verbatim Data Life Plus Dual layer.

    Verbatim are certainly the best out there, very very rarely get a burn failure and not had a media failure yet on replaying disks i burnt years ago.

    Not run accross Data Life Plus in the Dual layer, would be interested myself in a link to where these could be obtained from, not showing up on Amazon in the UK.
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    I haven't seen Data Life Plus in DL either but use Verbatims almost exclusively.

    If you can pop for 100, here's an Amazon link at about $2.18/disk:

    If you can't afford that many at one time, here is a link for a supplier who sells in lots of 10 at about the same per disk price:

    The latter are Japanese Verbatim (with a white printable label surface) manufactured by Panasonic (in Japan). When shipped, they are repacked in soft slip covers.

    I too would be interested in a link to the Data Life Plus DLs if available.
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    I have to agree. I use Verbatim DVD+R Life Series and rarely have a problem. I needed to get some ink jet printable DVDs and I chose Verbatim DVD+R White Inkjet Printable blanks. I've had nothing but problems from the get go. They usually work until about 7 to 10% and freeze if they work. I have to reboot my computer to get the damned thing out. These are garbage. Did I just choose a really bad run? I bought like 200 of them for a project I was working on.

    I purchased a 100 pack and (4) 25 pack Inkjet printables. Of the 100 pack I used about 25 at some point and can't remember how they did. I believe I had to trash a few. Of one 25 pack, 15 were good and 10 I had to trash. Opened a new 25 pack and all of them were good. No problems at all. I guess it's just a luck of the draw.
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  9. Crower

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    Here's a link to Verbatim DL Data Life Plus:

    I've also used TDK DL "Life on Record" DVDs with good success. Here's that link:

    ADDENDA: It seems that TDK has switched to another manufacture as of late. The last pack of TDK DL "Life on Record" discs I purchased were junk. The difference compared to their earlier product (which was really good and made by Ritek) can be seen in the edges of the disks. The previous ones were smooth - almost like the edge was molded. The most recent ones have straight edges that look like they have been punched out with a cookie cutter. They have the disk code CMC MAG-D03-64. DON'T buy these! I've only had one recordable one out of about 10 and am sending them back to Amazon.
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    I think you're wise to go with Verbatim.

    I have another follow-on regarding the bad TDK "Life on Record" media:

    In trying to return them to Amazon, Amazon refused to take them back because I had had them for longer than the return window (which is often the case since I don't break open a new package right away after receiving them). I can understand that.

    Given that, I sent TDK an e-mail describing the problem and asking if a refund was possible. In reply, they asked for information on the DVD deck I used, my operating system, how many failed, etc.. They also asked if I had applied any firmware updates to my DVD deck. I replied with all the information requested, and told them no firmware updates had been applied since the deck had no updates issued (my deck has only been out for a little over a year and Panasonic hasn't issued any updates).

    The next e-mail asked me to try the bad discs on another deck (which I did on my Sony deck with the same bad results). In their next e-mail, they suggested the discs might have an "incompatibility" issue and their warranty didn't cover "incompatibility" since DL media is subject to a different set of manufacturing & compatibility rules relative to single layer media????? I really didn't care since "incompatible" meant "doesn't work" to me.

    At that point (about 4 e-mails and rising), I politely replied that it was apparent they were stonewalling with no satisfaction to my claim in sight, so I was simply switching over to Verbatim (which I had already done and had excellent results with the Verbatim DVD DL media). Then I got one more e-mail asking if I had done a firmware update (DUHHHHH) and I broke off contact with TDK.

    It's amazing that a company like TDK changes their media from good to bad, and then offers "customer support" whose only job is to stonewall and put the blame for their bad media on the customer implying I have two "incompatible" decks which don't handle their media (although their previous batch from the Ritek source worked great on both of those decks). Not only did they lose one customer (me), I can assume they'll lose many more as word spreads about their DL media issues and customer support.

    Someone in their corporate offices is a bean counter who made the decision to switch suppliers and make a bit more profit, when in fact, that move may ultimately cost them significant sales. Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend nowadays and the customer suffers for it.

    Bottom line: Go Verbatim (and hopefully Verbatim won't do something as foolish).
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    Back again, less than two years later!
    I just figured out all of my Verbatim DataLifePlus disks have had layer break issues going back the last two years. The image (and sometimes audio) hangs for a few seconds before skipping ahead to the next layer.

    These are not BluRay, just regular DVD format. I burn with ImgBurn. I have used two different DVD burners. I use AnyDVD (fully updated) to rip to Image with a .dvd file, and use the .dvd file to re-burn the disc and preserve the layer information. I watch the DVDs with VLC or KMPlayer.
    I don't watch the DVDs right away so when I found problems I assumed it was one or two bad discs. Then I assumed it was a VLC/KMPlayer issue and just kept buying Verbatim.
    Last week I tried to watch a DVD on a regular DVD player and noticed the exact same thing.

    The forums now say to use Verbatim AZO discs? What happened to all the recommendations for DataLifePlus (which, upon going back and inspecting discs from 1.5+ years ago, have always given me layer break issues)?
    And most importantly: what should I buy now?

    Thanks all!
  12. Tourist

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    What's the Media code (MID) of your Verbatim ?
    Have you tried to use a different layer break offered by ImgBurn (in case there is a another good one) and not the original one ?

    I don't know the situation in other regions but in Europe the AZO are the good ones.
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  13. Ch3vr0n

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    Datalife plus are the good ones, it's the life series u want to avoid. AZO is the logo of the dye

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  14. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    My memory may be failing but I'm pretty sure all DataLifePlus media used AZO. Who knows these days, however, since I don't buy DVD blanks anymore. Indeed, avoid the Life Series regardless of how cheap you might find it on sale. It isn't worth it.

    NOTE: I'm still using spindles of Taiyo Yuden CD-R, Verbatim DVD+R, and Verbatim DVD-DL blanks that are old enough that I have zero idea when I actually purchased them. Years. These days I only buy BD blanks.
  15. SP01

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    When you say "avoid the life series" that means something different than Datalife Plus, correct?
    I have only used these Datalife Plus ones from Newegg that I linked in my post.

    FWIW I have read a few posts that say certain brands from certain countries are better. These do say "made in United Arab Emirates".

    @Tourist MID: MKM-003-00
    I have tried using different layer breaks. I actually used to just use whatever ImgBurn recommended. On one disc I even made three copies with three different recommended layer break places, but they all produced the same issue. After that I started switching to the image + .dvd file method.

    @Ch3vr0n The only ones I've ever bought are the Datalife Plus ones from Newegg I linked in my post. Apparently they've never worked. :(

    Thanks everyone!
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  16. Ch3vr0n

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    Then I'd say your drive is either dead or dying if it can't handle the best media out there. Because you're using the good stuff with the right mid.

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  17. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    DataLifePlus != Life Series. Refer here to see what the "Life Series" packaging looks like:

    Verbatim came out with a "new" line of blanks called the "Life Series". They show up in stores like Best Buy, etc. Low-end junk. Best Buy used to stock the good AZO blanks and have them on sale but they've now swapped them out for the Life Series at the same price point. Meh. Not sure why Verbatim decided to throw away their reputation with that tactic. I view the Life Series just like I did back in the days of Circuit City when they had non-stop deals for dirt cheap CD-R blanks just to get you in the door. Those CD-R blanks were garbage but it got you in the door to buy other things. Pure psychology.

    PS: And there are some ill-informed people reviewing the Life Series on NewEgg. 4 out of 5 stars? Ugh.
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  18. Art Masson

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    Per most comments and experience, I've never had a failure with Verbatim AZO DVD+R DL blanks.

    I'm trying to use up all my other non Verbatim disks but am getting 50% read failures (no write failures) when using my remaining supply of HP DVD+R DL printable blanks. For the HP media, I'm finding that when I record at 8x speed (the rated level), failures on reading seem to happen about half-way through a movie when playing back on my Panasonic player. I suspect this is a symptom of not having a good copy for the 2nd layer when the reader makes the transition. I've found that if I record these "bad" HP discs at 4x speed, I have better results. Does this make sense or am I just fooling myself? I'm wondering what the longer life issues are going to be with these...perhaps I should just throw them in the garbage and not try to utilize them.

    Comments anyone?
    I'm not familiar with the "media code" designation referenced above. Where do I find this code on the blank disks or labeling? I don't see that code printed on my Verbatim media or label....

    For Info
    My PC DVD RW Drive is an ASUS DRW-241ST c (Rev 1.01) running the latest Windows 10 release Version 16299.192
    My DVD Player is a Panasonic DMP-BDT 110
    I use CLONE DVD2 Version for ripping and making copies
  19. Ch3vr0n

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    That info isn't printed on the packaging, you can only get it was disc analysis tools or burner programs that have that capability such as imgburn in 'explore' mode. You're looking for 'media identifier' or something similar.

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  20. Art Masson

    Art Masson Well-Known Member

    Ch3vrOn. Thank you.

    Do you have a view on why I'm having some better luck recording at 4x speed vs. 8x with the HP media? And if these HP copies (when they are successful) might remain good long term? Do you think the playback problem is, in fact, caused by the transition to the 2nd layer when they play about 50% of a movie and then begin to skip/fail? I'm thinking about just throwing them away...