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    I didn't know you would lose menu support and I don't have a problem with playlist selection but I only have been using it for about the last 2 years, Thanks for telling me about the GPL licenses code as I wasn't aware of that, I played my backup of Blade Runner 2049 (Redbox USA) and had no problems with video or audio.
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    I am sure you are correct Adbear as you are much more knowledgeable on this subject than I. I just found it odd that the same ISO that wouldn't play on PowerDVD or burn with IMGBurn giving the same reason (Unsupported/Incompatible format) suddenly played perfectly and burned perfectly after I updated PowerDVD. I knew that it shouldn't have had anything to do with it. Didn't intend to waste everyone's time on this but since it appeared that heloduck who started this thread was having the same problem I posted that mine was doing the same thing. Thanks again for everyone's input. ANYDVD has been an incredibly reliable product for many years and I am sure was not at fault for my earlier problems.
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    I started this thread and have quickly scanned the conversations. I believe the problem is with AnyDVD not recognizing something on the Blade Runner 2049 disc that is causing the error. As I said, I tried different manufacturer's blank BD-Rs and both got the "incompatible" message. Turns out it wasn't the blank discs because as a trial I used the to copy the original Blade Runner and it made the disc fine -- in fact the movie alone fit on a 25GB disc without compression.
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    Has nothing to do with AnyDVD, burning a different disc to the media doesn't prove anything as the other film may not be as big as this one and therefore not trying to write to the outer edge of the disc.
    This is a known message that you get when it is a media/ drive issue and you can get the same thing when using DVD-r's as well as BD-r's
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    Since I am compressing the film to fit to the 25GB disc, why would it try to write to the edge of the disc? Whenever CloneBD compresses a film to fit on a 25GB disc, the size it settles on is always less than 25GB.
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    Since there are only two people reporting this issue with Blade Runner 2049 and everyone else having zero issues with Blade Runner 2049 (myself included); it makes it difficult to believe AnyDVD HD is at fault. However, as I have asked several times now, until, both, @Heloduck and @Humphammer upload their AnyDVD HD Log File(s) to this Thread - there is not much that can be done for either of you or anyone. Secondly, even @Humphammer is no longer having the problem; which adds to the notion that AnyDVD HD is not directly (and most likely not indirectly) causing the problem. Still, I am going to ask again: Please, upload your AnyDVD Log File after inserting the Source Blu-ray for Blade Runner 2049 (and it has concluded its scanning).
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    As @Heloduck is trying to write a compressed version run through CloneBD that also negates any AnyDVD issue as the disc has been compressed and rebuilt before being written.

    All you have to do is Google the error message and you will see it is a media/drive issue that has been around for at least 10 years.

    The fact that it works with some burns and not others shows it is either the drive or the discs are borderline so it works with some and not others. Try turning the burn speed down to see if that helps or buy a different brand of discs
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    I just got Blade Runner 2049 on bluray, ripped it with newest AnyDVD HD beta, not using the ISO method. Transcoded it with CloneBD newest version, it transcoded fine and burn to my Verbatrim 25GB BD-R disc at 16x with no problems. CloneBD said movie was copied successful. I played the backed up copy in PowerDVD 14 Ultra from copied bluray disc. Not one problem starting the disc to the movie, and no AACS pop message to update AACS keys. Solid hardware I believe is what makes a big difference with high quality media and name brand hardware not no generic knock offs. Just my opinion. Ever since CloneBD got in 2015 one major bug I had in it fixed in an update and a Cinavia removal bug I e-mailed at elby the CloneBD logs, in January 2017 with the bug fixed. I've never had a single problem backing up a bluray movie. Can't wait till RedFox cracks AACS 2.0.
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