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  1. davidc78au

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    Hi Everyone

    i have a idea and want to seek opinions on this in regards to HDMI capture card Balckmagic Intensity Pro and BD+ discs as well

    Just a idea if i had 2 pcs 1 with hdmi out video card and then another one with this hdmi capture card installed

    Anyways with say die hard 4 blu ray if i was the play that on pc and then then capture it do you think that would work? as hdcp has been dismantled with anydvdhd ?

    so its really just capturing 1 source to another thats unprotected right?

    Anyways just my idea wanted to see if thats a workaround for bd+ at the moment till slysoft release bd+ full support

    thanks again

  2. Adbear

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    Doesn't work properly, the Intensity only captures stereo audio and when you try to sync the original 5.1 etc audio back up you find that the intensity has a framerate problem so the audio drifts forwards and backwards out or sync. Also the motion jpeg is not that good so you have to capture fully uncompressed and to get a non jerky capture you need to capture at 60fps which means you need a minimum sustained data rate of approx 110mbytes per second and about 700-800GB for a 2 hour film
  3. rockstar

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    I tried this black magic HDMI capture card and did not experience any problems capturing content using this method. I was able to down convert the 5.1 and/or get the audio track using a different method. Everything worked fine here, make sure you have the latest firmware revision of the driver, it makes a big difference.
  4. Adbear

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    But from a standalone it won't capture Blu-ray due to AACS and from a PC you'd have to output from the graphics card and I've tried extensive testing at 720p and the frame rate is definately not stable. That may be due to the graphics cards more than the Intensity, but when you try to sync up 5.1 audio from the ripped source it wanders in and out of sync during the film. I've tried it using the motion Jpeg and fully uncompressed with various movies and it's not very satisfactory. Were you trying to capture from a Blu-ray or from some other source?
  5. rockstar

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    I am capturing using the wayof having one PC playing the Blu-Ray disc with AnyDVD HD activated so HDCP is gone. and then having another pc capturing the with the black magic card.

    what card are you using, AdBear?
  6. Adbear

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    I used an ATI 2600 pro and XT using the HDMI output, I also tried the 8600 and 8800 through DVI all end up with files that when you mux an ac3 audio track back in don't sync properly with the audio, it always wanders, using the intensity and the intensity pro at 720p. Thats why I stopped using that card and started using a more expensive but also more reliable one. The card I now use always gives me excellent results and never has a syncing issue when I remux the original ac3 or DTS audio back in
  7. rockstar

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    May I ask if the new card you speak of is available? Do you recall the name of the new card that you have tested and works well?

    Thank you!
  8. rockstar

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    Mr ADBear:

    Would you be able to at least tell us if the new card you are using is capturing by way of HDMI or is it by analog HD connections?

    Thank you.
  9. Adbear

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    It's by HDMI, and it's made by Canopus
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    Dear Mr. AD Bear:


    Thanks for the great information, I think I see the card you are referring to.

    No prices though. I wonder how much that bad boy costed you?

    Anyway, thank you for being a good guy and helping out the community and showing us which of the HDMI cards are good.

    AdBear is a nice guy in my book.:clap:
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    comes in around $1000
  12. rockstar

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  13. Adbear

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    I don't own it, but yes