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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Csummit, Feb 10, 2019.

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    I get a black screen 11 seconds into playback. I am using rip video disc to harddisk option

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    You don't mention how you're playing back. The player you're using is relevant.
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    If you can play back the disc, with AnyDVD active, on a PC with PowerDVD (whichever version you like, even a trial version), and it shows the same behaviour, then there's an AnyDVD decrypting issue. If PowerDVD can play it with AnyDVD active, then the problem is with that older Dune player. (Have you applied the most recent stable firmware update for the Dune, released in mid-2017?)
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    It seems that as long as Anydvd is enabled, I can play the movie fine so I guess it is an issue with the older dune player. I do have the Dune player on the latest stable firmware. Is there any possible work around that you are aware of such as speed menu?
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    Speed menu might do it to allow playing the main feature. You could click through to the original menu for playing any bonus features.
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    Thanks for the input. I ripped the movie using the speed menu and it plays the movie fine. I noticed that at the lower bottom of the speed menu there is a "Launch original Menu" and when i clicked that, the 20th century Fox fanfare scene played (as it did when I did a normal full disc rip) and then it went black and locked up in the same exact spot as before. With the original menu rip, you never get to the menu as the screen locks up before the menu even loads. I now know that I described this issue wrong. This is not an issue with playing the movie, this is an issue with loading the original menu. While at this point, I can play the movie and that is pretty much all I wanted, I am curious as to why the menu cannot load. I have seen this on a handful of movie, 3 or so over the years and even back in the day, I worked with the guys over at dune but this issue was never resolved. Any ideas as to what the problem could be or how I could got about troubleshooting this on my own?
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    It might be time for a hardware upgrade. You did apply the latest firmware, yes?

    Consider getting a Dune 4K Solo, if you want the best Blu-ray menu playback system. I wouldn't recommend the Dune 4K Pro, yet, as it only seems to output 48K stereo audio over HDMI, even when configured to send original bitstream.