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    I was going to purchase my licenses with Bitcoin, but I had never messed with Bitcoin before. So I start going through BitGo, and provide all my personal information to set that up only to discover I have to set up another account with Coinbase to actually fund my BitGo bitcoin wallet.

    Now Coinbase either wants me to give them my banking information, uh, no thank you, or send them a copy of my ID along with a bunch of personal information to use a credit card.

    Does anyone else thinks this presents a little too much information that would make identity fraud just a little too easy?

    I guess I'm going to need to get a Visa card, since MC or AX aren't viable here yet, in order to make my purchase. I suppose I'll look into getting a Visa gift card to use for it.
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    If you do not want to go through the uploading id in the USA and adding a bank account here is what I did I obtained a online Wallet here simple just email verifacation:

    Step 2

    I purchased bit coin here with just a phone call from him and he was very nice and you can use paypal to buy what you need and within minutes I had my bitcoins in my wallet no uploading any personal info other than he needed my mailing address after that you can purchase after a week more if you wish with no more need for phone verifacation.

    USA bit coin seller:

    So Simple this old Cave man could do it
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    Step 2 worked very well. thank you for the assistance.
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    Your welcome glad it helped you out.
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    I also used blockchain to set up a wallet. I just downloaded their app on my phone and it was set up almost instantly.

    From there I found a bitcoin atm at ... obviously not everyone lives close to a bitcoin atm, but if you're in a relatively big city you might be in luck. From what I understand, different atm's have slightly different requirements, but the one I found only required a phone number for amounts less than $800 (they text a code to your phone that you input into the atm). At the atm it was as easy as scanning the qr code on the app and feeding bills into the atm.

    And paying for Anydvd-HD was easy using the app as well.

    The license arrived in my email seconds after I completed the transaction.

    I got 5-6 years out of my last ltl. Hoping for at least the same with this one!
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    I am 74 and plan to be here until I am at least 84, you may be here longer than me. LOL
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    I should add that these atm's also seem to have pretty hefty fees associated with them. The one I used took almost 9% of what I put in. I figured that was about what I was getting with the 10% discount on my purchase so it didn't bother me too much. I used bitcoin to avoid the hassle of calling my bank/getting flagged for a purchase from China (not for the discount), so I'm happy with how it turned out. But a 9% fee for an atm transaction is definitely something to consider.
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    I hope we're both here 10 years from now and beyond!

    I'm very thankful for this product and I'm happy to support it's continued development. It's allowed me to enjoy movies and tv shows that I've purchased on all of my devices.
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