bit perfect audio from BD?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by hlkc, May 29, 2008.

  1. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    When we use AnyDVD HD reading ISO back up to HDD using Imgburn, is AnyDVD HD decrypt BD audio portion bit perfect?
  2. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm aware only the video is encrypted by AACS or BD+ so it shouldn't do anything to the audio
  3. Fernando

    Fernando Redfox Development Team

    All streams are encrypted on a BD

    Audio, Video, Subtitle, Interactive Graphics, Navigation etc. (if that stream .m2ts is marked as being encrypted)

    Encryption is lossless. Therefore all decrypted data is "bit perfect" as you call it.
  4. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    Excellent to know. Thanks.