Big Problems With Rambo UK Region:B

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    I am using the latest version of AnyDVD 6.459

    However It simply will not work with Rambo UK region B. This is the latest Rambo movie.

    I have put the disk inside and it seemingly scans it, after this the windows autoplay icon pops up and it quickly goes through the files on the disk.

    However it will not rip, I go to AnyDVD's disk ripper and it says "Drive:H is not ready" (H is my LG GGC H20L Blu-Ray drive).

    I go to the settings and it states "AnyDVD is disabled for this drive".

    I try to create a logfile and it refuses to do it. This is by either it seemingly scanning the disk, but not creating the log file in my documents (or even saying it has even created the log file), or more often completely crashing AnyDVD during the scan.

    I have set AnyDVD to ask me what region my disk is, and I have manually said it is Region B.

    I have took a scan of the crash to show what I am meaning.

    I have reinstalled AnyDVD but it still does it, But I have been searching the forum and it seems a lot of other people have been having problems with the Rambo Blu-Ray.

    Any ideas on how to fix this.


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    Can you create an image using the SamuriHL method?
    If yes, please try to disable all optional Blu-ray settings in AnyDVD (removal of UOPs, removal of annoyances, region code removal)