Beware, Blu-Ray disc rot!

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  1. d.chatten

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    I have just come across this over at engadgetHD, apparently the coatings on some Blu-Ray discs are starting to rot and are no longer playable, link below.

    Blu-ray disc coatings starting to rot?
  2. James

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    Hilarious. And I told you to buy HD DVD instead, didn't I? :p
  3. Octavean

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    Well all they have to do is pop in their backup copies and,…. Oh wait,…..I almost forgot,….the industry doesn’t want them to be able to do that and is fighting tooth and nail to prevent such fair use even under just such an occasion.

    Oh the irony,…. ;)

    You’ve made your point James, not only will I not buy Blu-ray I wont buy anything with the name “blue” or “ray” in it ;)
  4. SuperGoof

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    I think it was just some defect in manufacture. It is very unlikely that this is an evidence of some fatal flaw in Blu-ray disc physical spec. There were reports about rotting DVDs too.

    Anyway, there is nothing to worry about. We still have AnyDVD HD to backup our discs!
  5. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I agree with you but time will tell how big this issue actually becomes. Poor QC could result in a large number of bad discs having been released to the public.

    There's no way around it in ignoring the bad PR this can cause. Given that HD and BD are still fairly new it's not shocking to see some problems appear but this type of issue so soon does not bode well, IMO.

    AnyDVD HD is great but... for the cost of a blank BD disc to make a backup it's still cost prohibitive at this time, IMO.
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