Beta version (v2.9.18.555) now available

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by matthew, Jun 20, 2007.

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    you didnt do anything different like disconnect ide drives/starforce nightmare etc?
  3. Webslinger

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    I doubt that he would have to. The game is securom detected, and the latest beta is supposed to address newer securom protections.
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  4. khlb

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    No - I inserted my DVD - created a fresh new profile, ejected the DVD. Last thing I did was to "Create a desktop shortcut" offered in the tools menu.

    Then started to do some tomb raiding .... As it should be. :)
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    Yes, I'm liking this .560 release. The only other issues I can find apart from "Update Version Info" not doing anything is the links under "Obtaining Help and Support" don't appear to work for me. But these are very minor issues.

    .560 is more like the Game Jackal I know and like. :agree:
    And with updated Securom support, people have a legitimate reason to be paying the insignificant $10 upgrade fee now (many of us already knew Slysoft would come through). :clap:
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    All it would be doing is a disk check, so that's pretty weird. Oblivion doesn't have any protection.
  7. khlb

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    Ok - I don't want to alarm the community, but I have hit a snag regarding TR-A:eek:

    The thing is: If I launch TR -A from *within* "Game Jackal - My Game Profiles" then the game always launches. Now if I launch the game from the desktop icon Game Jackal created - then it is unfortunally a hit and miss case with this latest beta.

    So - 10 launches down my advise is thus: to start newer SecuROM 7 games from within Game Jackal- well with this beta at least.

    @matthew: It is the "Conflict with Emulation Software detected.
    Please have a look at for further, more detailed information." I get now and then when I start the game from the desktop - but *never* from Game Jackal. :confused:
  8. Webslinger

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    What file are you profiling from? tra.exe ? Does that normally launch the game immediately--or do you get some menu asking if you want to launch the game, update, etc?

    Did you lock the profile after creating one from the desktop?
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    Sorry for the delay, I was in Peru again - launched from the desktop this time. And no - I still haven't figured this out yet. :)

    1 - Yes - tra.exe from the installed game directory.
    2 - When I doubleclick the Game Jackal TR-A profile the game itself launches i.e Eidos movie, nVidia movie etc. The autorun tr-a-launcher is bypassed.

    3 - "Lock the profile" :confused:
    Select read-only attributes in general tab or a spesific gj-option?
    Please eleborate.

    Note: I didn't create a game profile by rightclicking the desktop-shortcut created by Eidos. My shortcut was created with Game Jackal --> Tools menu --> Create desktop shortcut
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  10. Webslinger

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    Yeah, within Game Jackal, select the appropriate profile, right click and select "lock capture mode". I normally do this right after I create any profile and test to ensure it works.

    I also find I have to wait about 5-10 seconds before attempting to run a game again (after exiting). Otherwise, I experience problems.
  11. khlb

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    Thank you for that great tip. Rightclicking a profile within GJ revealed a even quicker way to create a desktop shortcut. :)

    But to the matter at hand - no major difference locking/unlocking a profile for me at least. Waiting a few seconds may work, but it can be just coincidence. To early to tell.

    But the major fact remains - a latter revision SecuROM title can be profiled.
    For that I'm most pleased with my latest purchase.

    Ok - let's take a peep at StarForce and Tages when this update gets a final stamp, please? I have a Long Journey with Dreamfall ahead of me ...
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  12. Webslinger

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    Yeah, but you need to lock it immediately after creating a profile--and not after it starts failing.

    Yes, I feel this latest beta is definitely a sign of progress. I'm relieved that profiling bug from the desktop has been fixed, and it's good to see support for newer Securom releases.
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  13. khlb

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    Ok - I deleted my profile to test this Locker. Created a profile and locked it at the first instance. It didn't help me very much I'm afraid. I still must launch this game from Game Jackal Launch Control Center - Firing Room. :D
  14. matthew

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    This is a little odd... can you please do the following.
    Go to the GJ directory and delete the file "profile.log" and then try the desktop shortcut again. Can you then PM the contents of the log file to me.
  15. JackiRipper2000

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  16. khlb

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    Done! Allthough the lack of a most wanted paperclip when you want to add a attachment forced me to upload it to support(at)

    For your convenience: [Ticket#2007062313264]

  17. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    Thanks, I received the file and there was nothing strange. Are you still having this problem with the latest version of GJ?
  18. khlb

    khlb Well-Known Member

    Yes I do. Occasionally - but not so frequent as before with final build.

    It is only SecuROM-protected games I have tested this last week-end of June (C&C 3 - Kane Edition and Tomb Raider - Anniversary). Geez - we have completed of 2007 allready.:)

    It is the 13000 code I still see. Once or twice have I got a 1000 response. This errorcode-responce is not reproducable for me unfortunately.

    My 13000 workaround is through the main menu as I have told before.
    I have also started to explore the possibilities with the option "Show profiles in tray menu". I find that function to be a neat and quick way to launch my games. When launching a game from the desktop returns a 13000, the tray icon works.

    Humble request: Show the gameicons on the tray menu list. ;)
  19. Anakha56

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    i would love to have the icons showing in the tray menu list...

    so far I have not had any issues with CnC3 Kane Edition using the latest version...