Beta version (v2.9.18.555) now available

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by matthew, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Well, I installed it, rebooted and then tried to make a new profile.

    Same error message from the game ("Insert the CD"), but at least no bluescreen and GJ did some profile managing afterwards, after the game (Age of Empires II The Conquerors) had failed to load and just before it deactivated the profile.

    So slowly but steadily, we're getting there...
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    Thank you :bowdown:
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    Unfortunately, profiles created from the desktop still don't work properly and point to maplom_sc.exe. I also notice a difference in scanning when creating a profile (nwn2.exe in this case) from the desktop as opposed to directly within Game Jackal. I'm skeptical that the new profile created from an icon on the desktop would work even if I did change the shortcut properties from maplom_sc.exe to GameJackal_cl.exe.

    Edit: Well, I don't have to be skeptical anymore; it doesn't work, as suspected.

    New profiles created from within Game Jackal do work.
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  7. Loonie

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    After an uberquick test: My Oblivion profile now asks me for the disk, although if I select 'retry', it then loads. Remaking the profile might have an effect, although I only have access to my laptop and no disks at the moment, owing to moving.

    I need to test C&C3 to see how it handles SuckuROM now.
  8. khlb

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  9. matthew

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    This is a different issue to the one I mentioned was fixed. This has been fixed in v2.9.18.560 (should be available for download soon).
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    Woot! :clap:
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    Thanks for the update, installing now.


    Release v2.9.18.560 - release
    * Fixed an issue that was causing profiles created with the "Convert to a Game Jackal profile" option to point an incorrect exe.
    * Minor updates.
  13. Webslinger

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    .560 is working well as far as Neverwinter Nights 2 goes. I created a new profile from my desktop--and it works! :clap:

    Now I can remove one of the stickies!

    SHARKMEAT Active Member

    I have a question..Why does it still show v2.8.17.500, in the Update Version Info section of GJ after I updated to the latest verison ??.....CHEERS
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    Weird . . when I click "Update Version Info" in Game Jackal, nothing happens.
  16. DonCarlos

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    Oh great Game Jackal now has Vista32 support.That sounds for me vista64 is on the way right?lets say net week:D:D:D
  17. d.chatten

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    I have the same issue with this new beta version

    EDIT: This issue is also pressent in the release/none beta version
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  18. roachgod

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    Hey, this is a beta version, a quick-fix. Why expect all features of the official releases? It works anyway.
  19. d.chatten

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    I have just checked the release/none beta version and it seems that this issue is also pressent.
  20. Webslinger

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    Because Sharkmeat seems to indicate that feature does something (it's the only reason I mentioned it) . . .
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