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    Please forgive me, I'm new at posting... (I searched/read before I posted)

    Anyway, long time AnyDVD owner, and now trying this (latest) version. (Which I will gladly purchase if it is my solution.)

    My basic goal is to rip a BD into a quality .mp4 (or other common, small type).

    I don't need an ISO, so I ripped to a folder.
    I am now sifting through the STREAM folder of John Wick 2, and trying to piece together the proper order of the clips to combine into a final file.

    Am I going about this wrong? Is there an easier solution for my goal? A second product or an all-in-one solution?

    Thank you for your expertise!
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    What you're describing of doing is converting to MP4. AnyDVD does NOT convert AT ALL. The recommended method for ripping a blu-ray disc REGARDLESS of the final output (in your case mp4) is ALWAYS an ISO. For multiple reasons. Not every movie has 1 big m2ts file that contains the entire movie. Most of them are spit into multiple smaller segments like you're seeing. That said there is indeed a much easier method. It's called CloneBD and is the perfect companion with AnyDVD for blu-rays. It's the blu-ray equivalent of CloneDVD2 and CloneDVD Mobile combined.

    CloneBD will let you shrink and convert to mobile format such as mp4. As long as you DO NOT apply compression or remove subtitles it's free for use and no watermark wil be applied. When you wish to shrink (non-lossless copy) or remove audio/subtitle streams you will need a license. As those actions trigger the transcoder and in the free version it will then apply a watermark of the beaver logo in the top right corner.

    There is NO time limit on the other hand. CloneBD is exclusively sold by elaborate bytes at
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    Thank you SO much! This is exactly the solution I was looking for.

    And the fact that it utilizes hardware acceleration (or what it said), my 2-hour Blu-ray was done in less than 30 minutes!

    I just purchased permanent licenses for both products.

    Thanks for your direction!
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    Glad i could help, welcome to the club :)
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