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    I ripped my very first HD-DVD to my hard drive (Batman Begins). I used AnyDVD HD to rip it to my desktop thinking that I could watch it off my hard drive right away but I came up with a bunch of files I have no idea what to do with....obviously I'm new to this! :bang:

    I've searched and found about a 8 step process to "Shrinking an HD-DVD onto your HDD (" (as well as a sister thread for BD's ( but all I really want is to simply playback the movie on my HDD.

    Can someone suggest the easiest method to go from slysoft's output to HDD playback...or is this it?

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    To play back from a folder on your hard drive you need an older versoin of PowerDVD Ultra such as version 3319a. We are not allowed to post links so don't ask. If you have a newer version of PowerDVD Ultra, you can create an ISO image from your folder using ImgBurn or later, making sure to select UDF 2.5 as the filesystem. Or you could simply rerip the disc as an ISO using ImgBurn's read function, CloneCD, or Nero. Once you have the ISO image, you will need to mount the image using Daemon Tools. This will basically emulate a physical drive from which the more recent versions of PowerDVD can play from. Versions of PowerDVD after 3319a removed the play from folder option which is why you need to use the convoluted ISO mounting method.