Best UHD Internal drive? (other questions too...)

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    LOL, very true. Been a busy time at work sadly and sleep was also needed, but I did just bite the bullet and order two (2) of the WH16NS60s from Amazon so thank you all for the information. I had to buy two to have one as a backup. Rumors of 4K UHD drives/players being discontinued, this also has 3D support and I have a large collection... plus BDXL and UHD ripping ability. Had to have a backup before things go crazy with prices. Thanks again all!!!

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    Yeah, that's a good unit.

    Glad you were able to purchase them while still available.

    I may just get a backup myself!

    You're very welcome and enjoy them!

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    Why did you flash your NS60 with Asus firmware 3.02 any advantages over the LG 1.02 firmware?
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    It was only a test. The Asus 3.02 firmware is uhd friendly so it works with anydvd. I don't keep that drive on Asus firmware as there's a real Asus 3.02 drive right above it in my machine. I keep the ns60 on 1.00 firmware.

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    Thank you very much that answered my question:sneaky:
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    Couple of questions before I buy the WH16NS60. First, where is the recommended firmware, and how do I go about flashing it? Second, my hardware doesn't currently meet the required specs for playing back 4k (Intel Core i7 4790k, Nvidia 970). Will I still be able to rip 4k discs? Or would there be a way for me to play it back, using something like VLC or Potplayer?
  7. SamuriHL

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    A couple things here. If the goal is to use AnyDVD, be aware that the NS60 is an official drive and is not supported. Yes, I know ALL the other software support it, but, AnyDVD works only with UHD friendly drives and not official. That being said, it's a fantastic drive and can be cross flashed with firmware that works just fine with AnyDVD. The NS55 firmware is a good choice as it will allow burning media with no issue if you're into that sort of thing. If you don't care about burning media, the ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.02 firmware is also a great choice for cross flashing. AnyDVD will work just fine with that, as well. Please see this thread for all the tools and firmware you will need to prepare the drive once you get it:

    As for your other question, yes, ripping is not dependent on the specs that PowerDVD requires for playback. It's completely irrelevant. Software such as J River MC, MPC-HC, Kodi, and I suppose even VLC if you're into that sort of thing (LOL) will all work to play back your video in 4K. The nVidia card....should work I think although for best playback you might want to consider upgrading that to at least an nVidia 1060 and probably even better would be one of the new 20xx cards.
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    I've had great success with my WH16NS60 flashed with WH16NS40 1.02 firmware.

    No issues ripping or burning UHDs and all other disc types.

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    Sorry for hijacking the thread I just didn't want to create a new thread is there somewhere post with up to date instructions about down grading the firmware, going to get one of these and will want to donwgrade the firmware, what is the best place for instructions ?

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    See thread below for modified flash tool, firmwares and instructions.
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