Best UHD Internal drive? (other questions too...)

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (UHD only)' started by teknomedic, Mar 1, 2019.

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    LOL, very true. Been a busy time at work sadly and sleep was also needed, but I did just bite the bullet and order two (2) of the WH16NS60s from Amazon so thank you all for the information. I had to buy two to have one as a backup. Rumors of 4K UHD drives/players being discontinued, this also has 3D support and I have a large collection... plus BDXL and UHD ripping ability. Had to have a backup before things go crazy with prices. Thanks again all!!!

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    Yeah, that's a good unit.

    Glad you were able to purchase them while still available.

    I may just get a backup myself!

    You're very welcome and enjoy them!

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    Why did you flash your NS60 with Asus firmware 3.02 any advantages over the LG 1.02 firmware?
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    It was only a test. The Asus 3.02 firmware is uhd friendly so it works with anydvd. I don't keep that drive on Asus firmware as there's a real Asus 3.02 drive right above it in my machine. I keep the ns60 on 1.00 firmware.

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    Thank you very much that answered my question:sneaky: